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6/28/2006 c8 I'm Me For A Reason
O WoW talk about drama,... I LOve It PLease Update 'm Hooked. He Did It Before Wow Update PLEASE. Thanks!

I'm Me For A Reason
6/28/2006 c8 11authordream4life
Such a good chapter!

Here's to hoping there will be many more!

Write more soon please!

-Sa x33
6/28/2006 c8 Saniaaa
hey, great chappie! OMG! can't believe alexander! he seemed so nice.

Aww Lex is so cute. the whole protective thing was so sweet!

Rita seems like a strong character. way kewl!

YAY! i got a cookie! i love chocolate cookies!:D UPDATE SOON!
6/28/2006 c8 slinkytool34629
oh yay you updated! what's really weird is that i thought i reviewed the last chapter but oh well. I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! YAY! *throws confetti* and i'm so glad you finally updated! woohoo
6/28/2006 c8 P
nice. update soon?
6/27/2006 c8 5living-out-a-sacrifice
Not finished...-sigh-

I like this story. I relate to Rita well, which is a feat in itself. Continue, please, I love the character conflict.
6/27/2006 c8 6CayRae-SkySong
Shit, this is so good! I love it! Cute! Lex and Raven seem so hot. I love guys that look like that. Please update!

6/27/2006 c8 omaterluna
u leave the only cliff hangers...i love it! and Lex is SUCH a SWEET HEART!
6/27/2006 c8 twistedFAerieTALes
lol. yay! chocolate bunnies-love them almost as much as i
6/27/2006 c1 Kabocha
Right as I opened the first chapter, i was listening to brain stew. That was the definitely the weirdest feeling. I was like, 'Hey, I recognize those lyrics from somewhere...'

Anyway, good job. Keep it up.
6/27/2006 c8 icedfaerie
*jumps up and down* yay! Chocolate bunnies! Make me hyper! Great chapter...Lex sounds real cute when he's all protective and stuff of Rita...poor girl..she has so much going on in her life..she needs a vacation. Can't wait until the next chapter...hope to see more of Lex!

6/27/2006 c8 Bob n Kazzi
Bob: *hides away speech which involved proclamations of love and marriage and instead smiles at Blade uncertainly* Hi. *then smooches her because Joe's had a bad influence on him*

Jesus Bob. Hi Joe. Um, twenty five thousand babies? Alps? Primates?

BLADE! Hi! Excellent chapter, and with a freaky and awful car scene. I feel for her, and I'm glad Lex is going to beat him with sticks. Oh and Rita's brain is getting very scary and funny. I love it!

Great chapter, excuse the Bob, it's all Joe's fault. Sorry Joe, love you! LOVE YOU GUYS!
6/27/2006 c8 15Kawaii Chibi Kitty Angel
Oh, gasp! Plot twist! :P

Poor, poor Rita... Jiesus. Yes, Jiesus.

What a sicko! Eugh...
6/27/2006 c8 2Hug a Tree
i am totally loving this! i can't wait for more!
6/27/2006 c8 2Negative Cation
Yay! 'Nother chappie. Bravo, again.

Alexander is evil. And poor Rita, dragged to cheerleading by Jenna...hehe
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