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6/27/2006 c8 2codyismypup
*snatches the bunny* Aw! Poor Rita! *hugs* Hm...This story is so much fun to read. She's like the Queen of Femme. I'm lovin' this...-Avey
6/27/2006 c8 138Aero Faerie Extraordinaire
The first time around? Oh, I can just see that Alexander raped Lex's girlfriend or friend or something. Gosh, lex is getting possessive*. Love what you've got here.

Much love,

6/27/2006 c8 1Twinkle Star Bell
Me love a chocolate bunny! lol. Thanks for the update. The chapter was really really good. I loved it. How could he do that? I never would of thought Xander would do that. It's so cute how Lex is worried about Rita! Update soon. This story rocks!
6/27/2006 c8 19Olivine
ill be honest, k? i do not think i ever put you on my favorites list. the amount ive got on my list, actually, is very few (i consider it to be very few, anyways) im very picky about what goes in there, believe it or not. but even though ive got like 12 stories in there (2 poems, i think) ive got about a thousand other ones i love and that im reading. this is one of them. i really do like this story, mostly, i think, because i can relate to rita, and how she feels about all the pressure, and people thinking for her. i dont exactly like following all these rules of our religion and my mamma's weird and somewhat unreasonable superstitions (touching books to your feet, for example, fiction or not, and wolves/dogs howling, ect...)so i try and avoid those best i can. especially the religious ones. i dont know a lot of hindi at all. anyways, the point is, dont feel bad if you think i did have this in my favorites, and then took it out. i do remember taking a number of stories out, but those were ones that werent even going to be continued by the author, or it was just taking forever to get them updated, and i was tired of waiting, ect... but i know this wasnt there. again, please dont feel bad. and just for future (what a weird word...) reference, i dont get angry at people easily, and if i even do, i hardly ever take it out on them. even flamers! haha, im nice. remember that 'good girl' reputation i told you 'bout? yea. habit. aanyways...

yea, i love rita's attitude, just because shes trying to break it. the pressure, and such, i mean. haha, you know whats completely random, and funny at the same time? for my eight grade graduation this year, i got an ipod. i really didnt even think it was that much of a deal, and i didnt even want an ipod (rebellious sort of thing) but at least i can say i didnt ask for one. im sorta happy im not jumping up and down and sqealing like a piglet, like other people i know would. im sorry. i just really feel like talking, heh. did you actually live in india, by the way? just wondering... a random question, sorry.

keep on writing ~~MWR-:|:-
6/25/2006 c5 101Shadow of the Black Wolf
LMMFAO! OH MY! Don't accept rides from strange men.

And remember that all men are strange.

That was ha-fuckin-larious! oh my! haha
6/25/2006 c2 Shadow of the Black Wolf
lmao! If someone would've grabbed my ass I would've wacked someone! haha Like it so far
6/19/2006 c7 21insane in the brain
Very creative, I'll give you that.

Absolutely adorable clash of chaotic characters and destructive plot and setting messes. I like it! =]
6/17/2006 c7 Machete-soul-dance
I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!BUT LEX! YOU STOPPED! DARLING LEX!Yeah, enough of that. I'm madly in love with Lex though. And Raven...how come our school has no goths? So unfair. *swoon*Yeah, it's good, even though I fail to see the point of the song quotes...
6/11/2006 c7 ErBeBr
I really like this story, it has a nice flow to it, and the wit is awesome!I cannot wait for an update! Keep it up, I'll be waiting in anticipation to see what happens next!Thanks.Eva
6/10/2006 c7 atreyu love
i really love this story.the part where she gets yelled at for getting a B is really funny. and its true alot of times. my parents are just like that. i get a B and BAM! i get yelled at. and it doesnt help that they dont like how i dress (almost like lex alittle) lol but i like the story so please continue.
6/3/2006 c7 11authordream4life
This is really good! Please write more! I'm addicted!
6/2/2006 c7 5R. Hanks
I really, really like this story! So you better keep writing! lol not so keen on Alexander - i get a bad vibe! But Lex the pervert is kool hmm sounds yummy lol thankies lv Rachi x x x
5/26/2006 c7 Sani
-_- her parents are so unreasonable...

goodness if only I had someone as yummy as Lex around...
5/24/2006 c7 15Kawaii Chibi Kitty Angel
Love, love, love.
5/23/2006 c7 4devil's-fav-angel
soo soo awsome
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