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5/23/2006 c7 24ilovetheopera
first-time reader here(:

well i love the way you let rita argue with her brain, it's really funny. and her personality is super cool, just that it doesnt really glue with the indian thing- but i dont care it actually kinda makes sense.

haha cant wait to know what her dad says! and it was really unfair with the marks i get the same thing from my parents, it sucks like hell.

oh and i totally thought it was lex there at the end, and cant wait for the tryout part too(:

in this chap, by the way: the 'god damn it lex, you ruined it' part really reminded me of the movie a lot like love (which rocks it's so the best romcom movie ever), where amanda peet always says, 'shh. don't say anything: you'll ruin it' or something like that which is so sweet!

the indian thing is cool(: i'm asian so i kinda knew most of those things since my country's multiracial. except for the weird orgies by full moon- is that true? o.O no right. haha indians are usually quite pretty(: i like the eyes, they're huge!

update yeah. go for alevels sweetie(: they'll be fine!
5/23/2006 c7 crazy
this is addictive. =D damnit. I WANT MORE. GIVE. =P
5/22/2006 c7 1Nerdette
i loved it. The characters, plot, correct grammer...it's all great!
5/22/2006 c7 7The Latest Plague
lol this is FUNNY! LOL i wonder what will happen with that cheerleader thing... just thinking about it makes me laugh... He he he... SEE? for some reason, i dont think Lex will like it.. i just have that feeling... ah, who knows. Oh, wait i will, next chapter (i hope)! KEEP IT UP! I hate cliffies!

Pease, Love, and MCR,

5/22/2006 c7 1Twinkle Star Bell
I loved it and please update soon. Sometimes I don't review because I'm too lazy to sign in. lol. Update soon oh my gosh I love this story it's aboslutly awesome! UPDATE SOON!
5/22/2006 c7 4Ck90
Oh! I totally love this story it is so portraying the typical teenage problem. I ussually don't get along with my dad over the whole no dating until after you're married thing. That and that I have no prospects. Anyway I can't wait untilthe next update! This story has a lot of potential!
5/22/2006 c7 8Out-Spoken-Runaway
Woah. At first I thought you said 'thanks for the poem' at the end, and I was thinking 'poem? What the fuck? I didn't give a poem!' ...Then I realized I read the ending to Solisluna's reply. Heh...

Lex is smart. Lex is smart. Yeah, no matter how many times I say that, it won't click. Maybe he doesn't do well in school to piss off his parents. o_O Or maybe that's just me. xD Anyways, great chapter.

IceCold13P.s- Thanks, now I suddenly want to attack the cookies I hid from myself in an attempt to stop stuffing my face. (GO CHOCOLATE CHIP!) xD
5/22/2006 c7 Saniaaa
hey, i luv the story! especially Lex's character. aww he's so lovable even though he's a perverted jerk lol;D neway gr8 job! keep it up! can't wait for next chappie!update soon!
5/22/2006 c7 12Lonely Forest
Good chap. I enjoyed it very muchly. Lex is being consistantly yummy, and things are going pretty well.

Rita is seeming to be a little bit too drastically changed. I mean, as you said, she's only known Lex for 63 hours or something, and suddenly it seems as if he's exacting this huge influence on her life (making her disobey her father, etc.). I'm sure you had other reasons for that particular thing, but just (another) words of warning.

I will continue to review and enjoy your delicious chocolate chip cookies.
5/22/2006 c7 Bob n Kazzi
Hun, my A levels finish on something like the twenty third of June, but I'm lucky - I don't have an exam on my birthday. That must suck. My best friend does though, and she's not happy, just like you. I hope it isn't too bad. Just think, I have a horrid one on History. Not looking forward to that.

Anyways, in relation to this story, I'm loving it as usual. I love the dynamics between dear old Lex and our heroine, the Rita who argues with her brain far too much to be healthy lol. Loving the chapter. Sorry I haven't been reviwing as frequently as I would like, it's just that revision sucks, and as you know, the dreaded A levels require so much revision. Not enjoying it at all. Sigh. And now we're going to be official grown ups. Not looking forward to that either to be honest. Oh well, you make sure to email me girl, when you get the chance. I want a good catch up!

Bob: *blushing* Hi!

Gasp - where is my beloved Joe?
5/22/2006 c7 Sexxxxy
You are so funny! I think I am going to adopt this story! Keep updating to keep me reading!
5/20/2006 c7 7Shadow Claimer
So, i did finish it. I'm still alive...i think. I'm floating with a brain full of imagination. Dang! You write so good. The events are, for the most part, believable(but then i live in country with an oh so different culture so what do i know?) and your writing style makes me deem you publishable(word?). Reread the first chapter of the first book of Harry Potter recently and realized that you kick ass.

Anyway, I think i'm going to cry if you don't update soon.
5/19/2006 c7 19Olivine
my mommys almost the same way with me and my grades! i got all A's on my interim report, and 2 B's. in math and science. the constantly nagging at me to do better, and she puts so much pressure, its so irritating! I.R.R.I.T.A.T.I.N.G. anyways...

you really looked at my story? haha, thats cool -grins-. take your time reviewing. me's just happy that you looked at it. im almost done with it, actually. ive got a few more chapters, i believe. anyways...

lex is... weird. ill say weird. and rita... i like her attitude. i like how she gets angry when people mention any stereotypical aspects of being indian. i dont know very many of them at all, but i know my family, at least is religious, and they want my grades to be perfect. i hate that. im not so religious, neither do i want to be. i honestly dont believe in half the things hindus are supposed to. im sorry if you feel differently, but thats me. and smart? im only getting such good grades, so my parents dont bug me so much. its a habit now, actually, and now that ive got this 'good girl' reputation, i have to keep it. stupid clique thingys. anyways, spelling and detail and everything was good. nothing out of place, i didnt see, anyways.

keep on writing ~~MWRenaee-:|:-
5/19/2006 c7 3DeliciouslyAngelus
Just a few words to describe your story - O. With a dash of WOW.
5/19/2006 c7 17witchwriter
Awesome! Lex is unpredictably hot.Write now!
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