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3/15/2006 c5 7Chel-Chang
3/15/2006 c2 19Olivine
haha, this story is goin awesome. as for the whole sound of music thing? oh, i could definetely picture her in a sari singing that. why not? if rani mukherji can (forgot how to spell her last name), and whoever played anjali in kuch kuch hota hai (ever seen that movie?) can, why cant she? lol. anyways...

i can definetely see this happening. since i, myself, am indian, i know what its like to go to an american school. ive never lived in india, but ive been there, and i know its different.

her attitude is funny, though. not sure why or how, but it just is.

im really enjoying the story so far, and im itchin to see whatll happen next (not that there was any real angst or anything) so im gonna read on...
3/11/2006 c4 a case of me
what is Lex? a dog? seriously, way too much licking going on here, man.

good plot though. up date soon!
3/10/2006 c2 Angelic Hellraiser
"Men," I muttered darkly as I wrenched open the fridge, "are proof that women can take a joke."

HAHAHAHA I love it!
3/10/2006 c1 Angelic Hellraiser
Hey nice start! I like it. Rita seems odd for an indian name but hey. I do like though, how you stated that it was a short name to a very complicated person.

3/9/2006 c4 LadyLostLove
Wow, you're a fabulous author. Hope your insomnia gets better, sleep is important.
3/7/2006 c4 Sani
Lex sounds like the sexx. haha. Thanks for the reply. Once again another cliffie, but I guess that's what makes us come back to read it.
3/6/2006 c4 17witchwriter
I love it... Ilove it... I love it!I decided to put in all my reveiws into this one...it was shorter. Ratings 1-101st-9, 2nd- 10, 3rd-9, 4th- 10( 2 and 4 are my faorites. You are lucky to get this long of a reveiw...I'm not a people person.Ha- Ha! Nothing to improve but write more damn you!
3/5/2006 c4 1Twinkle Star Bell
Thanks for answering my review I really really liked this story and can't wait until you update soon! You did update ASAP! lol.
3/5/2006 c4 12Lonely Forest
Ah, that crazy Lex. Can't wiat to see what happens next. Rita is certainly getting her fair share of craziness and some.

Good chappie.
3/5/2006 c4 whacked
hahaha..this is such a funny story! and i can totally relate to your character (most of the time) cause im indian too! (kashmiri to be exact) totally get the whole conservative thing (which my family takes to the next level where even have males as friends is a no no ...and i go to a co-ed uni..hello..what do they expect me to do!avoid looking at any males for the rest of my life?) but i live in malaysia..not much of a culture shock tho..still an asian country and all..but hehe hilarious..i love it..and i look forward to more..although lex is seriously creepy
3/4/2006 c4 citrus raindrops
wow. this story's amazing so far =] i like your sense of humor too. plus, it's written very well. i noticed a few grammatical mistakes, but other than that, i absolutely love this story =] update soon please! =]
3/4/2006 c4 snow.fantazi
wow! i like it. no erase that. I LOVE IT! plz updaet soon! finally a gothic/punkish story!
3/4/2006 c4 Mlle.DarkRose
Hey gurl! I love your story it's so good. One of the few stories I actually read... I just wanted to ask you a question. Are you Indian? Be cause if you aren't you know a lot about their lifestyle.
3/4/2006 c4 2XxAmberRomancexX
Wow...wet hair,smudged eyeliner, ruined lipgloss...the whole shabang. Poor Rita.
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