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for Can I Panic Now?

2/27/2006 c3 16sam the bear
haha this is getting funnier and funnier! lol keep updating!
2/27/2006 c3 2WickedRedHead
Lmao, very funny story. Cant wait for the update!
2/27/2006 c3 1Twinkle Star Bell
Really good. I loved it. Update soon please!
2/27/2006 c3 2XxAmberRomancexX
This is...different. But amusing. Highly amusing. Hilarious in fact. Please keep updating!
2/27/2006 c3 Guest
that was hilarious...umm nothing really constructive or new to say, but yeah. that chapta was tight, b. lol... keep it up, for moi
2/27/2006 c3 12Lonely Forest
Hilarious and awesome. I'll keep on reading. Lex ("The Pervert") is one sick little child, but yet strangely appealing. Ah, the deliciousness of goths...yummy...

Anyways, keep up the good work.
2/27/2006 c3 19Phoenix-ofthe-Goldenrose
Very interesting. I like it so far. Can't wait for next chapter!
2/27/2006 c3 PegasusWings
love the chapter, it was great. And i love the part when she kick the 'prevert' in the balls. you can't say that he didn't deserved it! thats what i would of done. plz update soon!
2/27/2006 c1 17witchwriter
Very cool. Keep writing and I'll R&R
2/27/2006 c3 Chagan
*eye twitch* There's the captialized words again...Nothing to note here that I didn't already say about preceding chapters. You fixed the past/present tense thing, so good on that. Having trouble liking the main character though.
2/26/2006 c2 2codyismypup
I LOVE this story! Wonderful descriptions, hilarious...yay! I found a new story to be hooked on! Okay..Im going to go drool over the 'pervert' ok im done. Like the mcdonalds...I'm lovin' it. Except this doesn't make you overweight from reading it...points for you. i am SO gonna be looking for an update...Mucho Love.Avey
2/26/2006 c2 PegasusWings
hello- i luv your storys there all great. hopefully you will write another chapter for this.plz?
2/25/2006 c2 ctrl
ohh this is interesting

defiantly update soon :D

and aye, i do like this story
2/24/2006 c2 Cherise
Wow. That's completely uncool for him to just grab her like that. And can we have character descriptions please?
2/24/2006 c2 Naiashi Maiden of the Mist
Great story write more soon please :
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