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8/16/2007 c8 3SimplySweetnSour
woah, 'the first time around'. i wonder what THAT could mean... XD
8/14/2007 c2 FindingADream
Seriously. Who DOESN'T love boys in eyeliner? haha
8/13/2007 c11 4The Cheerio

I'm glad you enjoyed the cookies!

Very funny chapter in my opinon. "Are you too good to fart?"

I just stopped there and laughed for like ten minutes straight.

Now, becaue you've asked i shall no longer cry.

But instead.

...eh. I'm not sure what i'll do!

Maybe eat a sandwhich...

Anyway! Update sonn!

...And i mean very very very very son. Like...in the next 2 minutes.
8/11/2007 c11 2XxAmberRomancexX

I refuse to beleive that she was serious about that last line. We shall see. Funny as hell, as usual, and I love Sean! Me wants to steal him and put him in an art studio and keep him forever and ever and ever and ever...yeah. Lol. Yay for more developments! Can't wait for the next chapter.
8/11/2007 c11 SapphireEyes16
oh poor sean! tht is so typically asian! the eldest always has to carry on the family name, buisness and so on! but anywayz hope to see more of sean in the story update soon!
8/11/2007 c11 Saniaaa
Hey, I liked the last part of the chapter better. Probably cause it had Lex in it ;D I think you need to cut down on the rambling that Rita does. It's entertaining but it can get a bit boring. Rita's parents sound like cold-hearted bastards. And how many siblings does she have altogether? Anyway, Until next time x
8/11/2007 c11 Ravestna
this just keeps on getting better. Lex is the best.

the end of this chapter was so funny lol

Puppy. cos they look better than a doughnut

update soon

x X xRavestnax X x
8/11/2007 c11 1violet-eyez
how is she gonna extract herself from jenna's group
8/10/2007 c11 Sexxxxxy
this story keep gettin better! I WANT AN UPDATE, PRONTO!
8/10/2007 c11 3RebelianAngel
I absolutely love your writing. At first I didn't like Lex, I thought that he needed his balls permanately remonved. But, now that I knew what he has been through I totally feel for him. Not to mention the fact that he is a totall hottie! I would have chosen him over Alexander even before I found out what he did to her. Ugh! I absolutely HATE him. He needs to die. He is an evil asshole that deserves to get his ass kicked. Can't wait until the next chapter!
8/10/2007 c11 Cathryne
I love this story so far..

I love the goth guy's attitude.
8/8/2007 c10 5Singers To The Back
Sean ?


I like Lex alot.


Such a cutie, haha
8/8/2007 c10 2drownyouout
I really like this story. (: How do you know so much about India and all?
8/8/2007 c11 17witchwriter
yah, new chappy. and no thanks I already have a puppy; he's 10 but he's still my little puppy and alays will be.

sincerely evil,w.w.

can't wait for the next one!
8/7/2007 c11 1dawn's unforgiving darkness

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