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6/24/2007 c10 1dawn's unforgiving darkness
...long time no see
6/23/2007 c10 1Cara Deanna
OMG that was an awesome chapter please update soon
6/23/2007 c8 3sweath
I think this story is fantastic! I could not stop reading and though I am not finished I think the author is very talented and I hope that you continue writing stories!
6/23/2007 c10 2Arej
'lo, and sorry I didn't review previous chapters. Funnily enough I came across this before, but didn't review - don't ask why, I honestly don't know, I get into weird funks sometimes where I have nothing to say - so finding it again, and reading it again, was fun. And very much enjoyable.

I really do like how you'e protrayed Rita and her struggle. I have a Sri Lankan friend whose parents wanted him to take double science although he wanted to take Drama instead...I offered that he could join Drama Club, so he could still take double science, but indulge his own interests as well, and when he told his parents, well...they kicked him out of the house for a night for being 'insubordinate' and 'inconsiderate' and all of that. So I can see Rita's struggle, I really can...and let me tell you, the fact that my suggestion caused my close friend to get in such trouble really hurt. I've never made such a stupid suggestion since.


I also like how she's been conditioned to not say no. Everyone can say "oh, it's so easy, just say no and you'll be standing up for yourself" but when it's your parents you're standing up against in the beginning, saying no is all but impossible. After a while, it starts bleeding into the rest of your life. And you make that believable here, very real.

I like Lex, I really do. And Kris as well...Tash's story is sickening, meaning what happened to her is sickening. And I absolutely despise Alexander...thought you should know.

Anyway, happy writing - and I hope everything goes well with college.

If you're still in need of a Beta, I'm willing.

BB- Arej
6/23/2007 c10 authordream4life
Still here and still reading. Please write more soon! I love it so much!

-Sa x33
6/23/2007 c10 RunBabyRun
heya. i love your story. not bothered to write anything else seeing as it is now...2:19 AM and im slowly drifting off to lala-land. good bye

oh yeah. i like your story, a lot, and lex, not alexander, not raven, just lex, but the perv, not the sappy guy. perverts rock (my socks).
6/23/2007 c10 LethargicLove
Yay, you updated! I'm so sad after reading this chapter. Aww, reading about Lex being sad made me almost want to cry, especially when you got to the part about visiting Tash.

I can't wait to find out more about Sean, the elder brother, oh.
6/23/2007 c10 CHIIJOY
Awe, update soon. :)
6/23/2007 c10 tallyface
Do you really want a beta? I wouldn't mind doing it... I've been christened the Grammar Police heh, yeah, if you want to I'll do the beta-ing, I love your story so it would be quite an honour.
6/23/2007 c10 7awaiting.rain
i really wasnt expecting an update ever. but, i'm glad you updated.

i'm indian too...and sikh, so i def. understand the whole feeling suffocated thing. it really sucks sometimes...
6/23/2007 c10 2XxAmberRomancexX
OH MY GOD! You are alive! I swear when I saw this, I stared at the screen for about five seconds, went to go wash my face to make sure I was still awake. Wow.

Thanks for the update (heh). It was sad to see Lex so broken like that. I love Rita, she's cool. I think i've said that before. I'll Beta if you want, but the going will be slow. Still though. I'll probably just focus on grammar and stuff unless you want me to look for something. Dunno.
6/23/2007 c10 sarahuhoh
Never fear, darlin', I still have faith! This story is too fabulous to even think about losing faith in it's amazing creator. Dur. xD This update was great, more please?
4/30/2007 c9 1RexyB
SO Good!

Well... I never liked Alexander, anyway ... too blond.

Keep On reviewing, girl!
4/26/2007 c9 urjellingcauseimevil
WHERE R U ? the last update was LAST YEAR! i dont care when u r what ur doing u need to get off your ass and come finish this story! I want my happily ever after! or close enough. but how could there b life with Lex and not have a happily ever after.
4/20/2007 c9 CHIIJOY

woah, did should i mention that he is extreme sex god-ed-ness or is that implied? things that i would do to him if i was rita times x10. anywhos, please update soon. :D
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