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8/5/2005 c5 Julie - NehemiaH
seriously. if you ever take this story down, i will come after you. and the result will not be pretty. god it? i heart heart heart it and it makes me cry in a good way. :) it's something that i think every girl can relate to.
4/27/2005 c9 georgie
just in case your not sick of me yet, here is one last review.that has to be the coolest last two lines in all of your stories. i loved it. i like those kind of things, where its almost a metaphor, but i don't know the right word for it. still, those two lines made the whole story
4/27/2005 c7 georgie
sometimes short stories have "twists" and that was an interesting one. one thing i can say is, thats a creative suicide letter- to make it in the form of a story. very UNLIKELY.
4/27/2005 c6 georgie
hmm...another semi-happy ending...these stories really just remind me of how i think- you know when you can just sit down and think about something and it takes you to other topics, like dedication pages...speaking of which, i really like them, and i always like seeing if there is some message on them. A little wierd, i know, but if your character can do it, so can I. anyway, i think i'm rambling so i'll stop and read now.
4/27/2005 c5 same person that reviewed 2 minutes ago
this is an interesting one- its happy, but real. its different from all of your other stuff, but i like it
4/27/2005 c4 georgie
haha- another annoying review from your annoying friend. All I have to say is YES! this is the kind of story that i really like!
4/26/2005 c1 georgie
if you ever even read this, b/c I know that you don't look at reviews anymore, you'll know that i can finally get onto this website again! your profile changed since i was on last (like maybe in 8th grade or something). you have so much more done! i really like short stories. there something that i always enjoy writing, b/c all you need is something that sparks interest, and you dont have to worry about length (even though i'm really bad at writing them)but thats ok. you know what would have been really cool for this? if he had left on the plane right after he confessed and she just sat at the airport for like an hour, feeling lost and incomplete. (i still haven't changed since 7th grade- i'm not a big fan of happy endings unless i love the main character to death- and you can't love one in a short story.) your writing has DEFINITELY imporved miles! i noticed it right away, even though this is not your most recent work. i hope this isnt the hated "changed writing style" that you were talking about, because i really liked it. anyway, i decided to be professional in this review instead of telling you about how much i laugh when i think of seventh grade- my old reviews sound so stupid! so hopefully i'll have more time to visit this page and i'll try to read your mystery (if that's okay, i don't know).
2/12/2005 c9 2inconsequential me
Ridiculously impressive. I'm not sure if i could completely understand exactly where you were coming from, but there were several situations in my life that i could apply to this... It's one of my favorites so far.
2/6/2005 c9 15Sad Songs Remind Me
You are amazing. Amazing is an understatement. If I could think of a more powerful word, I totally would, because the more you write, the more I begin to wish I could capture in words (small or large amounts) what you manage too. At first, I was reading this and wondering where you were going with it. It started off almost weak, mirroring the mental state of of the narrator. But then it grows and grows until it's the big, huge powerul abundance of feelings all rolled into one phrase : Red stars against blue veins. And I'm thinking there is no way that she can top that. No fucking way. But you do, and you top it simply and beautifully: But don’t you know?/Stars always fade away./ New stars come aboard must too soon./And you finally got your wish. You’ve got your name in red beside the stars./If only you knew...It's like lyrics in a fucking song. Absolutely, heartbreakingly beaufiful. You truly improve my day everytime you post something new. Thank you for that. I heart you.
2/6/2005 c9 4anatidaephobiac
Great job - a deep/darker story. very well written. write some more soon please...(sorry for the short review - the superbowl's on... gotta watch!)
2/6/2005 c9 gigigirl281
He'll never know because I killed him.


Just kidding.

You already knwo what I think. Bitch. XD

2/6/2005 c9 aiur
omg. heck i know you're gonna get a bunch of people hyperventilating over this, too. i don't want you to think that, i don't know, that i'm just gushing or something. i don't even know what i mean to say by that. i LOVE this, honestly i do. i read it through really really fast, and i took absulutely nothing away. and then i caught that final part, the short sentences there, and - wow. it stopped me completely dead. and then i went back and re-read it, and - yes. i think you know what i think now. i'm really bad when i read things too quickly. but i love the imagery in this, the simplicity of it, the rawness. and i can so see what you're talking about. darn it. . hope this isn't personal to the extent that - you know. writing a name in red beside the stars - oh God how hard hitting is that? i hope everyone who reads this piece understands what that drives at. or else that would totally be so undermining, you know? yes. i know i space my reviews horrible. but whatever. beautiful writing. really beautiful. i like it when you write more in this journal kind of style more, actually, to be honest. =)

1/11/2005 c8 13Twizzlers
I definitely don't think this is bad writing. I'll admit, maybe it's not as good as the rest of your stories, but I still think it's well done. I think you got the whole depressed tone across very well. How she's always crying, she doesn't even realize that time is passing because she's so depressed and lonely. I thought it had a good mood to it. Well, not a good mood, but you know what I mean. I dont' know if I liked Jen calling at the very end though. I mean, yeah someone remembered her birthday, but just Happy Birthday, good night? That was weak on Jen's part. But that's just me. Great story!Twizz
1/11/2005 c8 maggie-it won't let me sign in
Huh...Remotely depressing, but i'm pretty sure that was the angle you were going for...-_-...so nicely done. i'm impressed. made me really feel bad for the people out there like that.

jen isn't a very good friend. what the hell is that? Happy birthday, goodnight. that's a pathetic thing to do for a friends birthday. i don't know. i guess it's better than nothing, but all the same...ick.

kudos. nicely written.
1/11/2005 c8 gigigirl281

when's your birthday? XD .:is marking all birthdays on her calendar this year, woohoo!:.

Even if this isn't about you, know that I'm always here fro you, mmkay? And feel free to call me at midnight anytime! ^_^ My parents can deal with it. I lurve you, Julia.

And now I have to go pee.
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