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for Afterthoughts, Collection I: Forbidden

9/19/2004 c12 starry
9/19/2004 c5 starry
hee im reading these in different order. This ones awesome too...
9/19/2004 c9 starry
thanx for this beautiful poem :D this one's my favorite
7/10/2004 c8 sapphire-chocobo
XD I think I like 'I'm so lost Without You' the best. Since we have both gone through the same thing, I know how it feels in this piece.
Yay! Post more poetry when you can! :)
7/10/2004 c1 sapphire-chocobo
Wow! Poetry! I like it alot, very nice. :)
7/10/2004 c8 1Sanqhian
So far they're all really great. I think a lot of people share the same thoughts. I wasn't going to review until I had read them all but this one reminds me of how I truly feel at the moment. It's so hard to find your way when someone you love leaves.

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