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for Discovery of Axis parts one and two

2/12/2006 c16 Hannelyn
You're back! :D
2/7/2006 c16 Innocenzia
I'm so happy! :) *hyper*
11/14/2005 c1 Innocenzia
Jeez, this must seriously be, if not the best, at least one of the best things I’ve ever read. You have to continue this! You just have to, if not, then it will be like the Harry Potter-books without the seventh book. Horrible. Your story is way better than HP, or any other book, movie or magazine. Your characters are just wonderful. I just had to review again when I saw that you haven't updated since 03-22-05.

I'm from Sweden and this review might just make no-sense. I'm so sorry if you don't understand what I’m writing (and hoping is at least almost correct English.) I had to tell you that I read this last year, I even printed out the chapters and had them with me, whenever I got bored or had a bad day, I just took them out, and read them..

Hell is an amazing character and I still have those papers, but i forgot to add the title on them, so I’ve searched for this story since my dad accidentally removed the shortcut i had to it.

This is all true; I’m not making this up to make you happy. ^^, It’s actually true, every part of it. I'm depressed and have been for years, but with your story i got trough some horrible English, Swedish and geography lessons, and if you're going to continue this I’ll be so extremely happy. I'd give you all the money in the world if i could. This story is amazing.

I've no idea how many times I’ve said that now, and I’m driving my best friend crazy because i can't stop babbling about your story, and the characters, and the plot, everything.

And I think I’ve told her hundreds of times how wonderful it was to find this story again. I was kind of hyper after I’d read this chapter, i just hade to review, and i did. And then i looked at my review and it was so short and. and not describing how lovely your story is. So I just had to write this new review.

My review is actually almost 400 words long. Sorry if it bothers you, I’m just so happy to have found your story again.

11/14/2005 c14 Hannelyn
A friend (Innocenzia) told me to read this. It's absolutely wonderful. I, like, totally loved it! And i wonder, are you gonna update this? Anyways, i'll put this as the site that opens up when i start Internet Explorer, that way, i'll se if you've updated.

11/14/2005 c14 Innocenzia
Continue? Please? This can't be "The End", right?
3/23/2005 c14 1Dark Wizardry
Hi, it's Black Artemis, but I changed my name. So now I'm Dark Wizardry.

Yay, more Justin, it's great. I love the way he and Hell interact, but I think the highlight of this chapter was the dialogue at the end with Webster. The dry humour really works for the story. I especially liked the apocalypse line. And the way you've spaced out the paragraphs makes it much easier to read.

But I didn't quite understand what you meant by "cured". Does that mean Justin no longer needs blood, or he's no longer a vampire or what?
12/28/2004 c13 2Black Artemis
Aww, we love you, Banana girl. Keep the chappies coming. But they need to be longer. And more Justin. I like Justin. Something about the dark dangerous good guy image... I'm sure you get my drift. As always, Hell's a legend and I like what you've done with Cyn's character.
12/26/2004 c12 Hannah
Keep writing... please?
10/22/2004 c11 Dislocator
Nice story, dude... Can't wait 4 more of ur writing! ; pls read mine sometime! peace!
10/12/2004 c11 16kaika switched
Aw, I love this story! The characters crack me up. Seriously. I love how you write. Everything seems so casual, and yet so...purpose-ful... I don't think that's a word, but I know what I'm talking about, I swear I do. I guess with a lead character named Hell, it's hard to do wrong. Keep writing!
10/7/2004 c5 2Black Artemis
Oh my God, you poor thing, this is so good and no one's reviewed! Well, sod 'em all and keep writing, coz this is good stuff! Hell's such a legend, she's uber cool and you get the feeling that maybe she's a teensy little bit of a bitch, but it suits her and you love her anyway. Good prose, your style is well written and fluid, and the story is unfolding nicely. The original concept you've based the story on is hardly original but you're approach is fresh and unique, not your standard wannabe Amelia Atwater-Rhodes or your revamped (pun intended) Buffy myth.

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