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9/16/2005 c2 24Moonjava
Tuff story to tell but really nice. Lots of emotion.
9/22/2004 c2 64chicanerysmile
Yay, more Louise Gold stories. I'm happy. I like how you show the way she's gradually changing the way she does stuff, but she still seems the same person. Some great writing. B.
9/15/2004 c2 9Celeste Se'oir
Uh oh, bad girls not good! They may seem nice, but it's never true.
Nice chapter, though I think that lengthening the fight between Jake and Louise would have made it a little better. Other then that though, no big things.
7/19/2004 c1 David Stephen
I am loving these chronicles. The way you have made Louise's character a more dominant person, making her rebellious reflects her mothers death. I am throughly enjoying your marvellous work keep it up kat :D David x
7/17/2004 c1 1Slightly Bent Halo
so i think she's going to meet roxie and the other one in detention and they will invite her to the party..
looking forward to the updates!
7/16/2004 c1 27Da Buffster
Hey! I'd sworn I'd reviewed this before y'know...
Anyhoo, hey all you nice reviewers, I'm the Nameless One! Yeah, that's me! And don't you all love me for hurrying this wonderful author up? Nah, you should be loving her for writing such an ace story!
Poor, poor Louise! Hope she feels better soon, yeah? Though I doubt she will. It's tough being a character in Angst story. Poor hun.
Talk to ya on MSN :p
7/13/2004 c1 2Lady Sunlight
Yay! I love the Louise Gold idea you have!
7/12/2004 c1 The All Wise Ffuffy One
Sorry about the name, needed a slight change ^_^. Anywho, tough luck for Louise, huh? That has to really suck, luckily my teachers never really care enough to hand out detentions for miner things like that.

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