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8/3/2012 c16 1pinkcar7956
i love your story soooo much! pleasse update! :)
2/14/2009 c1 5christinaxxyo
That is so creative. You must have put a lot of thought it to this since this is certainly not your usual cliche. It's really interesting and I can't wait to find out more about Cassie :D
5/27/2008 c16 1Mee.And.Yeew

i love this story :)

like so much

and everything she likes, i like

But i have to say when there was the part where all those bands were playing - Good Charlotte are a awsome band! :O i love them so much :)

and kurt Cabain -
6/29/2007 c16 2Casey Drake
...she's being stupid she's being stupid she's being STUPID! No! This is not how it's supposed to happen! But... *sugh* well, this isn't the end, though, so... there's still time. Ryan could call Josh before she left. that would be interesting...

:) CD
6/24/2007 c16 5ArchAngel-Emo
Hello again!

-walks over to Cassie and beats her over the head with a golf club-


omg! she cant go back to Carthia! She's gotta stay on earth and be rebellious! REBELLIOUS I SAY!

but really, shes gotta! thats what I would do if i was in her situation!


you just make josh sound so cute! and hot! and edible! -shifty eyes- i didnt just say that... you were hearing things...

anywayz, update soon! I really want you too! and I will be wating around for it!

This is the first FictionPress story that I have read in a really LONG time, and I really like it! So feel loved! FEEL LOVED!

well, update soon!

I'm off to go read some FanFiction stories that I have missed reading for the past month!


- ArchAngel-Emo -
6/23/2007 c15 ArchAngel-Emo
great! finally! Someone who is Bush Bashing! w00t!

I'm very happy that someone finally said something in a fictionpress story!

Thank you!

Well, i'm going to go finish reading the rest of the 16th chapter!

update soon!

i cant get enough of this story!

- ArchAngel-Emo -
6/22/2007 c8 ArchAngel-Emo
God! This story kicks major ass! I love it!

I'm sorry, i would have reviewed to all of the chapters before this, but I had half decided in my mind that I was just going to wait until the end to review...

But once I saw the name Donnie Darko typed across the screen, I flipped. I mean, that is absolutely my number one favorite movie! No other movie that I have ever watched has topped it on my favorites chart!

Sure, it was confusing the first time I watched it, and I was surrounded by 16 year olds that had all seen it like, 20 times before. They all got it, and I'm not going to lie; I was confused to hell.

But then I borrowed it from a friend, and I watched it over and over constantly, and I eventually got it.

I'd have to say that my favorite character in the whole movie is that demonic bunny, Frank I think his name is, and he is a creepy guy in a big bunny costume, but hes MY creepy guy in a big creepy bunny costume *hugs plushie of Frank*

Question that I could never seem to get the answer to... maybe it was because of the angle that i was sitting at or maybe it was because the plasma was just to big... but what color is Frank's bunny costume? to me, it looks like a weirdo puke/forest green/dark green color, but my brother says that its black... eh?

my brother says that he has some friends that look like Donnie, and I told him that was just fucking creepy...

But when i was watching the movie, I said "Dude, Donnie is awesome!" and my friend Dave goes "you only like him cuz the actor playing him has kissed other guys in other movies" and I was like "No, i like him cuz he looks like someone from Thomas and the Magic Railroad..."

That got everyone laughing...

but yeah, listening to System of a Down's CD, System of a Down, really works with this story... not lyric wise *okay, so maybe some* but i just think that the emotion im getting out of the guitars and drums works with the anger in this story

anyway, i just dropped in to give a small review, and believe me, this IS small compared to what i normally leave for people.

I cant wait to finish this story, and if i find anything more that draws my attention, I will review... otherwise, i wait till the end...

by the way, i have this feeling that either she is going to hook up with Josh, and break a bunch of laws, and yada, yada, yada, or he is going to turn out to be the same thing that she is... um Carthian? i think thats what it is... oh well, it never sticks in my head... to many alien things... lol..

well, anyways, i'm off to the other chapters, cuz i really want to finish this today, but i probably wont... gah!

Great job!

- ArchAngel-Emo -


iTs FuN tO gEt HiGh On PiXiE sTiCkS! w0oT!
6/15/2007 c16 2Mei1105
Oh! I sense a big dramatic leaving scene in the works! Fun! Update soon! :)
6/9/2007 c16 4RunFree
1/20/2007 c15 2Casey Drake
oh my... EE! YAY!

1/15/2007 c15 7green cupcake
I LOVE IT! awesome chappie! UPDATE SOONq
12/22/2006 c1 Bloody Brow
Hey there, this is a really good story. Cassie's inner voice makes her seem very real and sympathetic, and your writing style has a good flow.

One thing to improve upon though (and I don't know if you already have, this is just the first chapter) is that some of your sentences go on for longer than they really need to. An example of that is this sentence: "getting up at 6:20 am by the most irritating sound ever created wasn’t exactly something that I enjoyed much" while there's no major problem with that, something a little less wordy like "getting up at 6:20 by the most irritating sound ever wasn’t exactly something I enjoyed" would probably be best.

Other than that, though, your story shows real promise. It's interesting, and you clearly have talent as a writer.
12/8/2006 c14 2Casey Drake
EE! Man I can't believe I lost track of this story because it ROCKS!

:) CD
11/5/2006 c2 2The Lark Ascending
I like this line: ". . .and out of ignorance, they hoped one day I would join." So typical of the relationship between teens and their parents. Also, the conrast between Cassie and her brother's way of dealing with life on earth makes me wonder if that isn't how most teenage boys would come across, like it doesn't matter to them that they're lonely. So, nice characterisation.

ps Please tell me what you think of my new chapter when you can!
9/18/2006 c14 9madeleine friction
that was such a great chapter! josh and cassie are so cute together!
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