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1/7/2011 c19 dipintheriverstyx
3/8/2009 c19 sarcasm is my middle name
no! i hate it when writers stop writing stories!

oh well, it was great while it lasted!

thanks a lot for a great story, i loved it!
5/13/2008 c19 2DesiredLove
oh darn! this is a great story! [as is foxified] but it would be great if you would sum up one more chapter! it's a really great story, am kept me sane for a few days in school! =]
5/9/2008 c4 DesiredLove
5/9/2008 c3 DesiredLove
yeah.. im voting for Andrew! =] even tho i don't know much about him!
5/9/2008 c2 DesiredLove
i like this story! can't wait to read the rest!
11/19/2006 c19 6naningxoxo
aw man... you know from swiper no swipy hehehe he's a fox... anyway... i understand i think but i really like this story! it's so cool but you could've left it off in a place that's not a cliff. cuz that is just plain cruel... anyway... i like drew and kevin... dexter's ok too... i guess but he should go with that cleo cuz he has to take responsibility...*starts muttering* damn men... sticking their penises where they don't belong until they're married.. might as well be call Dickster... anyway i love kevin and if he can't go with Angel, than i guess it's ok if he goes with sarah... and drew is fine with sabby but i think i fell in love with him from first description. it was love at first word... anyway there should be a new guy since they're all taken... man i have problems of my own and i have been crying way too much lately... umm.. man they're all hott... um.. please continue the story cuz i love it and i also love foxifies so keep updating! yay! i love you!
9/13/2006 c17 5I Murder on Impulse
7/19/2006 c9 34mylittlechangingtruths
dear god. um. wow. that girl needs a shrink; i don't even dislike her anymore, she obviously has mental problems. oy.
7/19/2006 c3 mylittlechangingtruths
jesus. she STILL likes Dexter. SHALLOW. but hey, i guess she'll learn the reality of life soon enough.
7/19/2006 c2 mylittlechangingtruths
oy. hopefully she won't think that those who only like her 'cuz of her looks are REAL friends... ugh... she should definitely go back to her real self.
7/7/2006 c19 20OutcastedAngel
I really enjoy your story so far and I hope you gain some inspiration soon on this one. I really want to see how it will turn out.
6/24/2006 c2 18icequeen401
6/17/2006 c19 4Image of the Invisible
Grr! I cannot believe u! I haven't logged on in ages and when I finally do, yours is the first story I look up. AND YOU STOPPED UPDATING! HOW COULD YOU? I was lovin' it. )=
6/14/2006 c19 1iluvsweep
haha oops, just realised i reviewed chapter one lol, i meant to do this chapter! but oh well, i'm sure you get what i meant hehe
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