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for A Pirate's Rose

12/12/2014 c32 1Shayde Revelle
You were only 13 years old when you started on this?! Shit, I couldn't write a better story now, and I'm 18.. You'd think age would have something to do with it, but it really isn't, and strangely, that surprises me sometimes.
9/12/2012 c12 Nadhirah
You're story is amazing. It really is ;) but the things is the way you potray brady i just cant imagine him being the cold pirate he claims to be. I think because he lacks the much cruelty needed. But thats just my view :)
1/18/2012 c22 FamishedNight
Awesome story!
7/26/2011 c20 Anon
Hey there. I've noticed it has been a while since you have revised this story, I've gotten this far, but I must admit that the un-revised chapters are not as well written as the revised chapters 1-11. I really like this story and believe it to be one of the best stories I've read, up until chapter 12. You really should continue to revise this story, I really am encouraging you to do o because I believe that you have something here. The characters of Victoria and Brady are great and nothing is better than two shipwrecked people forced to deal with each other only to find themselves falling in love. You really have something here and need to stick with it. Best of luck! ;)
1/29/2010 c31 2jessie0754
I enjoyed the story. A nice fluffy one to relax with.

I did feel that most of the capitulations were done a tad too quickly (the mother, the other pirate), but perhaps that's because you haven't gotten to that point in your revisions.

I see you borrowed something out of Pride and Prejudice? :P I loved it (just in case, I'm talking about her father's line about how her mother would refuse to talk to her ever again if she didn't not marry Colonel Forrester, but that he would refuse the same should she marry him). I enjoyed that allusion :D (he does remind me of Mr Bennett somewhat)
11/28/2009 c1 Elisa
Great start! it's hard to find a good cliche pirate story! I can already say that this is the best i have read so far!
10/12/2009 c33 9Destiny1406
Just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed reading this. i hope that you will continue to write, as your writing has gotten better.


Haybell :)
2/25/2009 c1 3Ruby Sue
I really love the beginning of your story (Ive read it all by the way) but I think it becomes very boring towards the end. Since they are already in love i feel that i don't have a reason to continue reading.
12/16/2008 c31 5I Murder on Impulse
hey hey, I love it's story. It's great!
12/7/2008 c5 com
I really like your story so far, i have a question, though...how did her suitcase land on the island?
10/22/2008 c3 3naivete chica
hey! just a couple of suggestions for possible editting in the future.. some of the speech seems to be modern colloquialism rather than 17th century or whenever this is set... eg. 'Sounds like a good plan', 'umm' and abbreviated words- didn't, isn't. Some of the speech is really good though.. especially from the crew. I also think a lot of the dialogue can be condensed/cut out to quiken the pace of the story, like when Blackheart says "I see your attention has drawn you over here, has it not?"
9/29/2008 c29 mikki
"She has made it quite clear that she would never speak to you again if you do not marry the Colonel." he warned her.

"Oh father!" she cried out shockingly.

"Then again, I will never speak to you again if you do." he proudly announced.

3/29/2008 c31 4unpredicable17
I love this story! It was just amazing but I'm sad to see this story end. Great writing and hoping for more from you. :D
3/9/2008 c1 1MZ PEACHESZZ
"Such these crewmembers most likely aboard the pirate vessel were ill mannered men who preyed upon greed and cared for no other but themselves"

Um, are you kidding? Is english not your first language? Because this story has the worst,most horrible, atrocious, I-cant-even-believe-it sentence structure and grammar I have ever seen in my life! I simply can not believe this is the edited version because honestly, the sentence structure is so out of wack...you consistently use the wrong words; your story wears misplaced modifiers like it's a Tiffany bracelet and the story is just littered with awkward, horrible grammar. Please, please study your grammar or take an english course because your diction and syntax are completely off. This has the promise of potential but any good reader will not be able to get past the atrocious syntax. Don't take this as a flame, though- this is very constructive criticism for you to consider. Good luck!
3/1/2008 c5 6decktable
I'm thinking that you actually mean coconut drink when you wrote 'coconut milk'? They're 2 different things. Coconut milk is made from grated coconut flesh and used in cooking. Coconut drink is the water found inside coconuts.
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