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for Dream Hunk 2: Waking Up

9/30/2005 c16 10Yingzha
WO another chapter o_o!

wow x_x;; thats some very er-ish stuff considering they decided to go skinny-dipping @_@

I cant wait for more D:
9/29/2005 c15 Yingzha
WO man I havent been on fictionpress for like a year @_@

so umm anyways XDXDXD WOMG i still love this story to pieces! And I wonder what'll happen D: veronica is being a bit more revealing rofl ; anyways I wonder what'll happen with Victoria O: and Veronica D: and Tristan's mom @_@
2/1/2005 c7 13Tenshistar
I just wanted to say that i really like this story. i was excited wheni saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show come up in the chapter. i love that movie. My friends and i went to see it after our senior prom in the theatre. IT rocks! Keep up the good work.
9/4/2004 c8 10Yingzha
Oh god...her mother O.o Oh my I hope she's okay =( And Tristan seems to be there for her all the time... I wonder how Ronny will make it when Tristan leaves for Japan =/ I hope she'll be okay. I wonder who could be at the bushes O.o My guess is Jerry... or else Tristan heh... what I would hate is to see her dad . The bastard excuse for a dad. Pfft I hope he disappears...heh anyways please update again soon ^_^
8/11/2004 c7 Yingzha
OMG ah yay you updated ^_^ I didn't know what happened next because I left off at the costume shop hehehe but aw that's so sweet "our" apartment hehehehe so cute =P And OMG ducky boxers =P Hehehe my friends all think I'm a duck crazed chick hehehe, but I can't believe he was gonna pull off his boxers O_O I think I would die if that really happened hahaha, and aw her dad is so idiotic, geez . Drunken freak, anyways so cute, Tristan can't leave Veronica T-T even if it is to Japan hehehe and as for the ambulance, No OMG something big is about to happen I'm guessing, well awesome chapter I hope you update again soon =P
8/9/2004 c6 7Emma Noel
This is good! It's very unique. You have a different, interesting writing style.
8/6/2004 c6 sweet hunny
lol. o..somethings up. i cant wait till the next chapter!
8/5/2004 c6 9Phoebe Love
Oh, I love The Rocky Horror Picture Show! And I'm glad that you included it in your story. I can't wait to see what happens when they get to the movies. But just to make sure I understand, Tirstan has already gone to Tokyo and has come back, right? Update Soon!
8/5/2004 c6 10Yingzha
Hehe when I read the whole Tristan's journal part I thought it was so sweet T-T I wish there was such a guy who could be as caring as him =P Unfortunately most guys I've met are jerks . Anyways the whole costume thing sounds funny hehe I wonder what will happen when Tristan comes back from Tokyo O_o Ah I'm gonna go crazy hehe, anyways loved it, can't wait for more ^_^
8/5/2004 c5 Yingzha
. Stacey should burn in hell, when I read this part I'm like no she can't go to Tokyo at the same time as Tristan! X_x hmph! Well actually I'm going to Tokyo too xD so I can fend off Stacey for Veronica xD haha and thanks for taking the time to review my story, don't worry about the whole evil step mom thing, I don't really care =P But I can't wait for more . Anyways update again soon =P
8/3/2004 c5 4anatidaephobiac
uh-oh... that can't be good. if he doesn't want her to look in there... what's he hiding?
update soon!
8/3/2004 c5 1x0x-Still-Alive-x0x
Omg omg what happens next? no o o o o! You have to continue right NOW! :( Please please update as son as you can!
7/23/2004 c4 10Yingzha
Stupid Stacey! I dislike her so much! Gr Veronica was seriously hurt! Stupid ^&%$# xP Stacey should burn in hell!
7/22/2004 c3 1x0x-Still-Alive-x0x
Haha what a scary ol' grandma! hehe sorta reminds me of my friend that i always call "grandma" lol...Well update soon! And the sixth chapter of "The Curse" is up!I'm workin on a new story called the "C-Witches" as well, but it might take a while before i post it up! Anyways i love your story!
7/22/2004 c3 10Yingzha
Hahaha that was funny with the grandma thing xD anyways loved the chapter, hahaha I can just imagine an old lady sort of stooped down whacking Tristan who's like 6 feet xD
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