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for The Subway Fairies

10/25/2005 c4 Sinistmer
So, yeah, I'm reviewing the whole thing, in spite of the fact it says Chapter 4 above. I think this has a lot of potential; I like the descriptions of the characters and the plotline. Keep going with this.
3/15/2005 c4 2TwinGrapeJellies
wowie. lol. come on...write more..u kno u wanna.
11/21/2004 c4 3Pont
Whoo hoo! Going to see the faerie quen going to see the faerie quen~ *runs into a wall* ow.Sorry, due to a very long and complicated turn of events I lost my list of 'people to keep an eye on' and just fished up your name and remembered this story. Looks like you've done a great job in my absence! Keep up the good work!Your faeries are funny ^_^ *starts looking for abandoned subway tunnels*~Pont
9/11/2004 c4 An-Author-At-Heart
Another very good chapter from your very interesting, creative and unique story. Keep it up!
8/13/2004 c3 An-Author-At-Heart
Wow, wonderful story! This is seriously interesting, I'm really enjoying myself reading this. It's a very original idea - fairies in the subway, never would have thought about that. All of it is VERY imaginative. I also love your writing style - you've got a real gift. I'm jealous it's so good. I also love the last phrase - about the brilliant emerald wings unfolding when Caitlin thought they were all on drugs. The only suggestions I have are to edit a bit more (whose instead of who's, things like that) and that in the second chapter you might have used "reluctant" and its adverbs and nouns too much. This is really great - I'm putting this in my Favourites!
8/1/2004 c3 Spooni
Hm..maybe it is she who is on the freaky drugs. Do I anticipate a nervous breakdown of some sort? *shrug* Perhaps.
It is sad to see that the disregard of grammer and such has managed to seep it's way into the depths of subway fairy culture. *shiver* Poor things.
the chapters are a bit short, but the breaks are in logical places. It just forces me to press buttons. ^_^ Interestingness, very much so. I'll be interested in hearing some background/explanation later on concerning subjects like, where they were before subways existed, how they keep from getting hit by trains, and how maintenance workers aren't ever attracted to the music or think it odd that there are suddenly people living in their tunnels.
I gonna watchy you..
8/1/2004 c2 Spooni
O..fun and interesting so far. At first, with the compelling music, I thought it was just the fairies' way of luring humans in to..steal and/or torture? But this is fun too. What would city hall think?
One little thing.."the obvious power she welded".. I think you meant weilded. Unless fairies have a thing for metalworking, welding makes little sense. ;)
7/27/2004 c1 5Sarah DeLane
I AM going to keep this going. I've got a lot written (just not ready to post) Any suggestions as to where the plot should go from here, are more than welcome! Now I'm on vacation, and away from my computer, so keep checking back, and I'll try to get Chp. 4 up soon.
7/25/2004 c3 2TwinGrapeJellies
Hey i like it. Ur continuing right? thanks for reviewing mine. And i kno. Major typos...but thanks. i like ur writing..its OPEN. u should continue though!
7/16/2004 c2 3Pont
DJ XDD funny mental image
wow, great character descriptions. I love the style. It gives such a colorful, happy feeling. The characterization is awesome.
My author alert's down... drop me a notice when you update? I'll just keep checking if it's too much trouble... *fluster*
7/16/2004 c1 Pont
no! Caitlin don't die! sorry I just woke up :P
Wow, good beginning. I love the 'jackhammer to case of crystal' analogy *cracking up* although it does give kind of a harsh impression...

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