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7/12/2009 c1 Ellette Alphard
Hey! Actually, I'm hoping to see all of your stories continued because they're very well written, you really shouldn't abandon them forever. If you can't update all, then I'd like to vote for The Last Rung, since I've read every chapter of it and it's my favorite out of all of your stuff. Do your best and I'll do my best too for MBG and TLODAE! :D
5/23/2006 c2 12KingdomRain
umm... Iris seems like and intersting cheracter so far... im interested is all i can really say...
5/23/2006 c1 KingdomRain
I'm interested in this story for the moment...
9/21/2005 c4 9SapphireIris
This looks like the start of a great story. I hope you finish it.

9/20/2005 c4 6EclipseMystic
Bad Pont! *wags finger* never leave stuff rotting on your hard drive ever again, do you hear me? lol!

btw, where the heck is that logo? can't find it anywhere! and you have too many pics on deviantart to search...meh, I'm lazy. haven't even started the beta work on chapter 2 of thief's destiny...
9/19/2005 c4 2Avel
Oh my god...it LIVES!

Jus' kiddin', nice continuation here...definitely want to see where the whole fight part goes. Sort of depressing though...poor Iris...

Anyways, nice job here. Hopin' that this won't be all there is.

9/18/2005 c3 6EclipseMystic
Wow... Where do you get all of these ideas, Pont? :) I read No Dawn too, just was too lazy to leave a review. Update this soon, or I'll start nagging you!
1/14/2005 c3 2Avel
Well, still pretty vague so far, but certainly interesting. Especially 'Iris', she sounds like she'd have an interesting perspective to say the least. Oh and 'Lower Colosseum'? Sounds um... pleasent... named for what it is, right? Definitely sounds like that's going to be a not so happy time. Anyways, nice story so far, if only a little bit vague, I hope to seem more of 0-2 soon in this story. Nice job so far.~avel-blue
1/14/2005 c2 Avel
Hm, definitely interesting, sounds like a pretty messed up syndicate as well. You definitely have a good style for this sort of thing (really only needs a little clean up at the most) and it's quite effective so far. Nice job so far.~avel
1/14/2005 c1 Avel
Wow...definitely a screwy sort of strat, lays all the facts out fcor you right away, but doesn't seem to haphazardly dump it in the reader's lap (nice job on that). Sounds like an interesting setup. Nice start.~avel
8/28/2004 c3 28Tk.T
Ok, this is going in order. I'll review as a I read...
1. dna should be capitalized. "DNA"
2. Interesting. I like how you represented all of 02's data. Kewl.
3. Good use of dialouge here.
Over all, great start! And what about "Last Rung?" Who is duchess?
Happy writing!
8/4/2004 c1 11Earthsong12
Hey, Pont. Yay for another story! It’s really good. I feel bad for Iris, but hopefully Brennan will help her, or something. I like that there’s lots of dialogue, especially in the last chappie. Yay! ^_^
For cc I’m gonna do all the chapters together:
chapter one:
p1) “brief”, not “breif”. Also, “too brief to adjust to” sounds better. That whole sentence is a bit long, maybe you could shorten it? It’s probably alright how it is though.
chapter two:
p1) I think the last sentence is missing a “here” right after the comma. Otherwise it sounds funny.
chapter three:
p12) What do you mean by “containing catalogged versions of all the information, and some”? It’s a little confusing.
In genereal, i think it’s a little inconsistant that they locked her up after she helped them, but now they’re letting her out of the cage. Oh well. It’s a great story, update soon!
8/3/2004 c3 5Eagle Seance
this is so complex (not so complex that i can't understand the plot or anything, you know what i mean) and i found the dialogue to be particularly well written. keep going pont!
8/3/2004 c1 21Ancamna
Almost forgot. I would absolutely LOVE to make a character for your story. I should email you later with a description, then. Gotta think of something original... ^_^
8/3/2004 c3 Ancamna
This story is really good! I don't feel like extensive reveiwing at the moment, so here's two things:
one, first chapter, there's a couple of spelling mistakes. two, chapter three, when Bren leaves the Boss's office, you call him Ben by mistake.
Otherwise, this story is really good! I really like how you start out from Iris's point of view, and then switch to Bren's. You describe everything really well. I get an accurate sense of how the building is layed out. (It's just slightly confusing when they go from cage-area to offices/rooms and around again. Question ~ do they live in the building there? Or did Bran have to drive to get to the building and the meeting with Boss?) Really great story. I want to see what happens! No! Cliffhanger! ^_^
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