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8/2/2004 c1 6Kinata
Pont! I'm back! *huggles* I know, I haven't been here in a while. I'm so terrilbly busy. It'll almost be a relief going back to school. x.x I've been writing my stories out before typing them, so it'll be a little longer before I update again. I love the new story! Its so good! A few grammar errors here and there, but those are things that are easily fixed when you read over it. Well, since I can't be staying, I must be going!
Tchus und auf wiedersehn!
8/2/2004 c1 3Tears of Crimson
Wow, I love your story! The detail is awesome, so it feels like you've just stepped into the writing. Poor Iris, she seems so sad...I just love her character. Keep writing! It is an awesome story and I look forward to the next chapter.
8/1/2004 c3 Spooni
WINGS! ^_^ I KNEW it! But colloseum...that sounds...EVIL...*sadness tear* Well, yes. Yay for keys! Those are bitty details, but they help mae it all make sense. Some great details in here this time, lie Boss Smith's room smelling like peppermint.
Whoo! Do you know much about DNA and such? WHee..my head is bursting with AP Bio tidbits. ^_^ And my friend who works at a lab knows even moore. Weyell, I am still very interested in this story. Also extremely interested about where she came from...how in Hades could she randomly evolve? Warr..interesting.
8/1/2004 c3 20Mei-Mei the SciFi Junkie
Great continuation, I'm really liking this one. A little more detail about each of the new characters would be useful. I'm curious about the name change: I really like the name Iris, but I thought that maybe you were going with something symbolic/metaphorical with Lilith. Apparently not ^_^ Cheers!
7/21/2004 c2 Ellette Alphard
Hi Pont! Great story. Interesting scenes, plots, and characters. I hope you'll keep updating. ^^ [Mercury Angel II]
7/17/2004 c2 Spooni
Wings? Wings wings wings wings wings? A..or maybe a tail. Tail! Aw..poor 02 and EVIL organization. Brennan doesn't seem to think evilly..so why was he allowed access to this highly highly restricted area? *ponderponder* It's a mystery. I'd think that he'd have to give iris or fingerprint or voice indentification to activate any of the buttony doo dads on the experiment's cages. Well, well, well. I'm interested!
I did not really understand the description of the welded shut room. But that's ok, probably because I didn't understand what it was for or who it was supposed to contain.
Keep on keepin' on. Hurray for the plots!
7/16/2004 c2 Mei-Mei the SciFi Junkie
Whee, lovely sci fi. ^_^ Very nice start; the switching viewpoints is quite effective. I am already interested in the characters and circumstances, therefore, you must keep writing!
7/15/2004 c2 28Tk.T
This proves to be interesting so far...Hopefully you'll continue with this project.
Happy writing!
7/15/2004 c1 Tk.T
My dearest friend, Pont! It is so wonderful to read something of yours! I never had the chance to thank you for reading my story "Uoy" and now I can! I really am glad that you're writing this story, truly I am! Your reviews really made my day...and I had never told you so until now! Thank you! Thank you! *Goes on babbling inchorently*
Now for my review:
Noticed some grammatical errors here, minor problems though-can easily be fixed. You have an extensive vocabulary but formatting was kind of off. So far this is a great story...chilling so far. I like it a lot! Promise to read it all!
Happy writing!
7/15/2004 c2 5Sarah DeLane
This is good, v. mysterious. The configuration of all the cages, hallways and cameras is a bit confusing. You will reveal what's in the second cage, right?
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