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for The Allure of Virginity

7/16/2004 c2 Marissa13
wow. Very nice story... although the topic is a bit disturbing, i still find that it is intriguing. Awsome job and update soon.
7/16/2004 c1 Casey Heartz
I like this story. Keep up with it.
7/16/2004 c2 90The Zaniak
Nice cliffhanger there. As usually, a technically perfect story (from what I could see) and a fascinating one, too. Your main character seems a little oversheltered though...I mean, what 18 year old has never spoken to a girl, and has his mum tie his shoelaces? I especially liked the 16 year old girl. (I'm 16 myself, and my best friend has some female friends that are like that.)
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