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9/5/2004 c2 17chocoholic
Not living there, I really couldn't care which bit of America is best. But I have learned a lot about Minnesota which is good should I ever have the ability/inclination to go there. I'm thinking: warm clothes.
I'm not keen on New York, but only because it was assumedly named after York in Yorkshire, which I think is a little deceptive. That's like naming something after something really different.
Anyway, I think North Dakota is better. Because nobody ever talks about it.
7/26/2004 c2 Strawberri Shake
I apologize for not responding to this sooner.
"the Twin Cities have ten museums"
NYC easily has five times that and the Twin Cities are 2 separate cities.
"high payed, high class, baseball mayhem monsters the Yankees must be mentioned. "
Of course they're high paid-they win championships. They've got the best World Championship record in Major League Baseball.
"The Twins are never the same year to year"
I'd rather live in a place with a baseball team you can depend on to win.
"Minnesota's history starts back in the late 1300s. When a grop of Vikings explorers dropped a stone called the "Kensington Runeston." "
But did the Vikings stay around? No. The Dutch in NY were some of the earliest settlers in the US that stayed (until they were driven out by the British)
7/20/2004 c2 9fugiguru
"Then he gave me the examples..."
hey! i'm a girl... *cries at obviously manly way of writing*
"...but Broadway is in New York City"
so? its still part of new york...
"Back to Old St. Pual." It's a charming folk song. So we are at least even in the number of cities with songs written about them."
oh yeah? well... more people know ours... *sticks tongue out*
"In the year 20 New York had 952 murders while Minnesota 151... Another interesting thing is that New York had over sixty thousand incidents of assault, while us Minnesotans only attacked each other seven thousand and seven hundred times. Minnesota may have less people, but then again more isn't always better."
no fair.. having more people inhabit new york (19,190,115) rather than minnesota (4,919,479) makes us more liable to crime, but also more likely to be.. um.. better..
on top of that, there are only 61 people per square mile in minnesota, while there are 402 people per square mile in new york, meaning a higher likelihood of crime.
"Now I am shocked Fugiguru, you seem to be proud that FDR came from your state."
obviously, the detainment of asian americans was wrong, and i agree that no president has ever done anything as violating to our citizens (aside from owning slaves; but i suppose you could argue that slaves weren't citizens at the time). however, jumpstarting our economy was right, and (though i say this with some reservations) so was entering world war II. but, like you said let's not turn this political.
7/20/2004 c2 Radyn
I live in New York. Therefore, it is the best state. Case closed.
7/19/2004 c1 57tofujunky
"However, I am bringing up the question, which republic in the United States of America is the best one?"

Kahleefohrnyah, you girly man!

"I am out to prove that the great Republic of Minnesota is the greatest state of the fifty that are connected by a federal govrnment."

Negative. Minniesotah is not even in the top ten list, let alone the "best state."

"However, until someone else can prove to me why their state is greater than Minnesota I don't think I'm going to accept anyone's claims that a different state is better than Minnesota."

You are terminated.

Hasta la vista, bozo.

7/18/2004 c1 1wills-n-minne
Whoa! I'm a Minnesotan and when I saw your summary and opened this story up I was shocked to see that this was the state you picked as the best. Awesome! To anyone who thinks we're all a bunch of hunters I just want to say that Minneapolis and St. Paul are absolutely gorgeous cities (and very liberal and arts-oriented as well). Minneapolis has actually made several best places to live lists. And this is coming from someone who wants to live in New York City after graduation. My only complaint is that the winters are too cold and the mosquitos are hell here. And I don't like the climate. You're right, we do have a variety but its too extreme. One day I end up the same color as Miss Piggy from an extreme sunburn and the next I'm suffering from extreme hypothermia. Still, you gotta love the Twin Cities. Peace.
7/17/2004 c1 Retlor
Wow. Some nice stuff there. But to be fair, I would imagine that England beats any state hands down because it invented Marmite and Football (soccer to you) Still, Minnesota sounds very nice.
To one of your reveiwers: Correct me if I´m wrong but New York City is not actually in the great state of New York but instead resides on the Eastern Seaboard (New Jersey?) The capital of New York is Albany.
7/17/2004 c1 Strawberri Shake
I'd have to agree with fugiguru on this one. New York is the best :) NYC alone has museums, Broadway, Yankees baseball, a very rich history dating to the 1600s, and is a bustling trade center. And New York is very close to the Jersey shore which is awesome. Still, I liked the idea of this essay. It's so much less agressive than the argument over the best country.
7/17/2004 c1 9fugiguru
new york is obviously the best state in the u.s., and probably the world. first of all, the city? yeah.. how many cities in minnesota have songs written about them? that one that goes "new york, new york" and then "give my regards to broadway". golden. i think we beat you in that capacity. we also have the home of fdr, right down the road from my own humble abode. on top of that, at any time i wish i may travel throughout my state and toilet paper the homes of hilary clinton, chuck schumer, or john sweeney. we are also the home of woodstock, plenty of leftover hippies, and inbreeding in my native hudson valley. to conclude, a list of our plethora of pop culture offerings: sex and the city, rent, the strokes, that ugly guitar player (is his name john kweller or ben kweller?) the yeah yeah yeahs, greenwich village, hair, and all the broadway plays.
and our dignitaries: tom cruise, lucille ball, billy joel, eugene o'neill, mae west, walt whitman, kareem abdul-jabbar, claire danes, and p diddy. minnesota has who? winona ryder? please! ;)
our only black marks are our baseball teams (the mets are getting better! and the yankees, well... bastards...) and all of our strange laws (no smoking inside, must wear a helmet when doing ANYTHING [including sleeping], no driving with more than one passenger if one is younger than 18)
hee hee... i liked your essay. this is so much less... antagonistic than arguing over who's country is the best.
7/16/2004 c1 Vayerly
Interesting. While I'm not patriotic in the least, I must say that I do find my own state (California) to be the best state :o) Interestingly enough, my reasons seem to resemble yours quite uncannily.
Isn't Minnesota the "Show Me" state? I think that is awesome.

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