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12/21/2008 c5 1Unsung
It's nice to see some people who have tolerance for Christians.

I am a Christian, and I am really tired of people telling me that I "must be a crazy and rude person because of my religion, and I think that I'm better than you, etc." Seriously, that gets really old. My entire church family is far from rude. I mean, we won't care if you get offended by Christ, but we'd rather have your soul be saved rather than be worried about what you think, losing your chance at Everlasting Life.

And tell me if I'm overstepping here, but I got insanely curious when you said "I used to be a Christian myself". If you don't mind my asking: What happened?
6/16/2005 c5 Tarot-Mistress585
Wow...some people are really, (but rather politely) getting down your throat about this...ah well! In my opinion, I think that your essay was wonderful.

I myself am friends with some rather...erm...how to phrase this...'devout' christians and I'm currently not in any religion. They invite me to their church and the one time I went, I felt rather out of place as one of the speakers went on about how christians should only christians.

While they [my friends] don't necessarily think symbols are 'anti-christian' they have expressed some (strong) disbelief about the whole evolution theory.

Wow...I just realized a majority of my review here is based off of your replies to other reviewers..hehe now, about your essay.

Cutting out the rambling, the point of this whole thing is: I loved your cheese analogy and find myself agreeing completely with you. Now, I'm going to go read some more of your essays!
6/16/2005 c1 Eboniccinderella
Oh my goodness?Someone thought it was a sin to burn incense?

Wel,since I last got reviewed by you,I've been studying the Bible and have come under the conclusion that 99% of Christians don't read it.You know why I think this?

Take the law of the Sabbath,an Old Testament HEWISH law stating that you must not work on the Holy Day of the Lord.Christians think this is because of God's six days creating,seventh day rest.BUT,in Deuteronomy,a book of laws,God says that the reason for resting on the Sabbath is because after the Israelites were released from slavery,they found rest.

Also,Sabbath is a Jewish law,not a Christian law.We don't even have to follow that unless the church (Seventh Day Adventist) makes it a rule.

Just thougt I'd show you how much I learned. :)
8/24/2004 c5 kritaya
This is a very informative and entertaining essay. Well researched, insightful, enviously even handed, and extremely well written. Thanks for sharing.
8/8/2004 c5 34Forest Passant
very good, very good. I agree. As for Christians who were offended: take a couple deep breaths and RELAX. Really. Nobody's trying to bash your religion.
So yeah! It was good.
8/7/2004 c5 theworldisround
I read your essay and all of your responses.
I agree with you on every level.
People can discuss their beliefs, but different religious have been acting violently towards others for a long time now. From the Christian crusades to the current Islamic extremists, it seems never ending.
I believe in astrology, and in astrology, religious tolerance will begin to occur within the next 100 years.
I also agree with you about something meaning what you make it mean. To nearly all Western cultures, white means purity and life. In most Eastern cultures, black means purity and life.
Your essay is well researched, and it's very well written.
P.S.- I'd hate to go without a cheddar toastie, although we call them grilled cheese sandwiches where I live.
8/1/2004 c3 74LordK
The idea of peace brought by religous tolerance is a theory that will never work in practice. Inevitably, peace between religions involves not attempting to convert, which is a fumdamental principal of Christianity that must be followed, and will be followed according to the Book of Revalation, which I firmly believe. How can you have peace with a religion when you are squashing a major theme of it? And if laws are made concerning said religous tolerance, then Christians who are simply acting on their beliefs will be acting outside the boundaries of the law. I believe that the Antichrist will use that to his advantage. Hey, it's just what I believe. (I'd like to mention that the prophecies in the book of Revalation and Daniel are lended credence by current and past events, but that's a different story).
Calling someone a liar because of their belief might be wrong, but suggesting to them that their belief might be false, and that another is true is not in the least wrong. It's thought-provoking. Of course I believe most peoples belief is genuine, just not that thier what they believe is true. And if that's what you meant by the first paragraph, I wholeheartedly agree.
Also, evolution is a theory that is being purported as fact in the public school system. Those who say it is a fact are lying. Those who represent it as one of many viable options are not.
As I said before, religious tolerance is nice, but it's a dangerous game to play. Mnay lives have been sacrificed in the name of peace. *gets a map and points to Iraq*
8/1/2004 c1 LordK
as for your first quote: "If they're not for us, they're against us". The mentality is not so much a mentality, as a fact. If you don't believe in Christian ideals, then it's quite likely (almost a certainty) that you believe something else, right? Well, if you're fighting for that cause, or persuading other people to that cause then you are fighting for something that is against the Christian religion, aren't you? Well, if someone fights for something you're against, doesn't that make them against you? That's how it works in congess...
Also, that 'mentality' is based on something (most Christians believe) Jesus said. So how can you fault us for believing that any more than you can fault a Buhddist for beliving what Bhudda said, or a Muslim for beliving what Mohammed said. Forgive the typo's- it's early.
All that being said, I do agree that Christians getting angry at people burning incense or wearing ankhs is insane. What if you just like the way ankhs look? Granted, the symbol was originally made to support a (I believe) false god, but still, the person isn't nessicarily in support of that god.
In fact, I disagree with Christians that don't like someone because of something the wear, or use, or practice. "Hate the sin not the siner" is a motto many Christians would do well to learn.
7/25/2004 c3 7Samara Morgan-Ring
YOU EVIL, LYING, NON CHRISTIAN... I'm joking, joking, lol. No cheese :(:(
My dog, my grandma, my hair, the air we breathe... lol. We try mate, and yes, there are to damn many Christians who are like what you said, your right dude, ((hippie voice)) we all just need to communicate as peacful beings of mother earth. ((sorry, WWAY to much sugar))
7/24/2004 c3 31Aillil
This is very interesting. I definitely believe in religious tolerance-being a very tolerant person myself. My only question is why you always seem to use Christians as an example? Is it simply because you've talked with more? My only point is that Christians are not the only ones who can get 'in your face' about their religion. I mean, Muslims don't believe in evolution and certainly they can be intolerant as well-the same goes for any other religion, including Aetheists and non-believers.
All of this talk about the swastika being a symbol of violence makes me laugh-truly. LIke you said, it means different things depending on your beliefs. In ancient Nordic script it was a rune called Mundilfari symbolizing creative and raw power-a god aspect.
I loved your example of creating a cheese-worshiping religion! So great! You made a lot of wonderful and well-educated points. You do have to be careful about slighting the Christian religion-yes, I know you put in a disclaimer, but (as in all controversial topics) some people may still be offended.
I enjoy reading your work-please write more!
7/24/2004 c3 90The Zaniak
What is Occam's razor? Is that in another chapter, because if so, I don't remember it.
7/23/2004 c1 Leigh Hunt
You wrote a good essay, there is no question about the structure and grammar of it, you know what you want to say and you say it.
Some Christians do revolt againt anything that is not strictly Christian, but they are the Christians of a more fudemental thought. I am slowling converting to Catholicism and from reading and listening to Christians most of them don't like the behavior of "other" people more than their signs and jewelry. Certain religions, or denial of religion, allow certain types of behavior, and thats what ticks off most intelligent Christians.
So there's just my two cents.
7/23/2004 c1 Arlando
Hello, I just got through reading your essay and I actually enjoyed it a lot. That and I want to respond real quick... the reason I didn't cite my sources in my essay is because fictionpress wouldn't let me so at the moment I didn't have a choice but to type in 'go to google and type in homophobia'. But after reading your essay and seeing how you cited your sources I think I can now cite mine. Thanks for showing me how. Anyway, I'm going to go off and read some of your other works now so I'll see you around.
7/18/2004 c2 Noelani Aurore
Altohugh I am a Christian myself, I found this essay very inoffensive and intriguing. :D You have good points. Personally, I have nothing against other religions. One of my writing idols is - *gasp* - Pagan/Wiccan. Ankhs are cool, but I didn't know they were so meaningful! You gave me some neat info. Now I can go impress my friends. XD
7/18/2004 c2 C Shot
Thanks for clearing that up.

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