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7/23/2004 c2 13Grace Hsia
NO! You stopped the last fic? Damn.
~_~ Ah well, this story is better than the last so I shouldn't be complaining. Anyhows, sorry that this review can't be all that long as my usual ones. (GR! CONFOUND IT ALL!)
Ahem, back to the important things. You have way more character developement in this story and you also seem to have a kind of grabbing feel to this story. It reaches out to you. And, well, I really like it.
The names are quite interesting too. I'm not sure...but I'm thinking of taking Cursed off of the fictionpress website and I have another story that I want to put in its place. Do you think I should because my other story seems to have more of an underlying plot and it seems to be told better...cuz it's in a third person point of view.
Then again...Cursed has been on the website for a while...and it's my longest story there...AND I FEEL SO GUILTY! AND CONFUZZLED!
Anyhows, give me advice and I'll (hopefully) listen. K? Oh, and did you write anything on fanfiction.com?
UPDATE! This story is good!
~_~ *Orient Fox*
7/20/2004 c1 19AlexKay
This is good. Espionage is always a fun topic to write about. Especially with all the code names you get to make up. My only suggestion is that as you get further into it you make it as intricate as you possibly can. These kind of stories work best when they are like that.
7/19/2004 c1 5Mysti On Cloud Nine
Wow! The story sounds really, very interesting! I can't wait to read more - please write more! Good job! ::claps::
7/18/2004 c1 elasandra
What happens next? Do tell!

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