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4/4/2005 c1 156ShadowPharoh
wow. beautiful poem. i found your poem (the other one) on someone's fav list. why? i really like this poem. captures the emotion. great poem, greater poet!

4/1/2005 c1 10DrunkenMonkeyKing
Although I can't identify with this poem as well as some people, I could identify with the first half of the last stanza. Even the first little bit of loss doesn't hurt as much as when you're just doing something and think "Hey, I bet (blank) would really like this!" And then you have to stop and remember that they're gone.

That's the worst part about losing someone right there, and I can't imagine how much worse it must be if they meant as much to you as the person in this poem must have.
7/24/2004 c1 Napolian Bonefart
::Sobs uncontrollably:: T_T I want to give you a really big hug right now!
7/24/2004 c1 108Kirona of the skies
...Wow. I never did get to read this, and it's really really good. Nice job. *hug*
7/20/2004 c1 27Proh Crepitus
...and back to depressing. But it's okay, because these things must come out. This is good. Really really good. ^_^;; but still so sad! ::hug::

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