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for Spirit Guardians: Search for the Essences

1/27/2013 c9 blitzer99
OMG IM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY! please keep going, I love this story so much, though I don't know how you cope with so many Charecters but I don't care, this is AWSOME!
1/7/2005 c2 5pyrostinger
Gah, MORE characters? What were you thinking? How are you possibly going to reconcile all of these characters? *screams, head explodes*

Aside from that, the dialogue is, again, excellent.

Some elements seemed unrealistic, like, for example, Eldon's instant trust of Fidelle and Sacionez. If the fox were to relax later on, I think that'd make more sense, as he is the primary caretaker, and would probably be the more cynical of the pair. But whatever. How you're going to deal with all these characters, I do not know. Guess I must keep reading!
1/6/2005 c1 pyrostinger
Hm... Something about this story just seemed scattered to me. Besides the fact that it seems like a sort of Digimon clone. Well, maybe not clone. But it could be said that's where you got the idea (that or Pokemon, but to a lesser degree). Anyway, what seemed scattered to me was that all of these individual charactacters seemed... undeveloped in a way. The most you expanded on was Vill and Ender, but they seemed to be the main characters. Everybody else seems to be cannon fodder for this pair to roll over in the coming tourney... but that's just my take on it. The story, however, is pretty good. The dialogue was very good, very entertaining, very true to the characters themselves. Personal favorite of mine was the conversation at the end with the 'evil' girl with delusions of granduer and her Spirit Guardian. It was simply rediculous how much she fussed over titles. Overall, I think it was a good story. The pacing was decent, a bit slow due to the large amount of characters, but that can be overlooked. I liked it, it was nice.
1/4/2005 c9 31kitfallen
yea.. i know, i'm super late in reading this... ._.; sorry.. it's been a stressful busy time for me..i enjoyed the whole mouse thing, it was harilous, :3 just like a kitty to bring back a little 'gift' for it's friends.. i am very glad my cats aren't allowed outside or i'd fear for the wildlife ^^;you are getting better at using different words and expanding in detail, i would suggest randomly mixing using the names of the characters or their species or a characteristic of them, that way it makes it harder to forget which Guardian is which... although it does work better with the Guardians instead of the humans.. because it's too easy to forget characteristics of the Trainers so the readers would have a harder time remembering whose talking... hmm.. oh well, do what you want, i'm just rambling and not making sense ^^;Cu: when do you make sense? never i say! NEVER!Kit: i do so make sense! ... just not all the time..Cu: you rarely EVER make sense!Kit: do so!Cu: do not!Kit: so!Cu: not!Kit: ... so-not.. that sounds silly.. *distant grin* ... oh wait..i mean.. drat.. what were we talking about?Cu: told you! HA! i won *dances*Kit: *blinku* ... oh-kay then.. i'm super tired.. probably because it's... 3am! ack! my brain is squishy mush. g'night Belle and kitty-on-fire! ... oh drat! now you've got me saying it Cu!Cu: *evilgrin- innocent kitten look* saying what? i am innocent.. innocent i tell you! INNOCENT! MUAHAHAHAHAHA-*runs off screen* -HAHAHAHA- *off screen again* HAHA-*is bricked*Kit: ... *nudges Cu's body with her foot* ... mrr? ... okay, now it's really time to sleep, X3 g'night Belle and flaming kitty... oh drat, i mean S-*message is cut off*
10/16/2004 c9 20Silence's Song
Ep! I can't believe that I didn't post a review! *hangs head in shame* I could've sworn I did, but it didn't show up on the review page. I guess that means I didn't. So, here we go.
This was a great chapter, as usual! I can't wait for the next part; please put it up asap! Several cliffhangers in this chapter. First of all, what exactly do Aeros and Malachite plan to do to Kezrael? That concerns me. And, this whole cave business! I defintely feel sorry for them; being stuck in a cave can't be fun. It gives me claustrophobia just thinking about it...*shudders*
Well, please add points to my guardian wherever he needs it! Thanks, and Great job!
9/21/2004 c1 Nekomi-Sama
Hey Belle ^^ Nice story, I read it in 2 days. Which you think is fast, lol. I really enjoyed it, and I'm waiting for more. Anyways, your story showed me FictionPress, so I'll be writing some myself as well.
9/17/2004 c9 10DrunkenMonkeyKing
You know, it's funny, today I just thought about e-mailing you to let me see if you'd done more work on Spirit Guardians since the Admins had erased it. Went on to your profile to check your e-mail address, and what did I find? You had actually managed to update it! Kudos!

And yes, you speak the truth in your Author's Note, I can't wait for you to get back to Smoke and Releshenada! What can I say, it's great how well you pull them off.

Anyway, hopefully we'll see an update again sometime soon. Keep it up!
8/4/2004 c9 14DigiDayDreamer
Great to see another great chapter, Belle! Didn't expect to have it posted so soon, but I'm glad you did.
Lol, you captured Ligue and Faranda right on the spot once again! It's like what I would've done with them, ^_^. You're doing great with the others as well: Joel's subtle dislike of Teggom, the growing intense argument between Serena and Faranda and the furtive arrival of Malachite and Aeros. Looks like things are going to be harder from here on.
Not that I found any errors on your part, but I thought it would look better if you separated the last sentence of this paragraph and make it a new one: Teggom blinked, sniffing the air before turning. Gold eyes widened, seeing a white form make its way through the bushes toward him; Serena. The apple began to roll once more at a rebellious smack from the kitten’s paw, sending it tumbling down the hill at high speed. Teggom’s head bobbed up and down rhythmically as the apple bounced, stopping as the apple stopped just in front of the cave entrance. Teggom cried joyfully, darting downwards among the rocks and grass, not halting even for a moment when large rocks appeared in his trail. He stopped near the apple, meowing. It was as if he expected his meow to get the apple to move. Teggom batted it gently again, his eyes wandering to the dark doorway, where strange markings were inscribed at the top. The cat hesitated, wondering if it would be profitable to explore this dark place. He flatted his ears as a loud, shrill call came from the hilltop, and he immediately recognized Serena’s voice. Teggom stood up, with Serena’s call from the top of the hill resolving his dilemma, darting into the foreboding darkness.
Everything is plainly great! I'm eagerly looking forward for part 2.
Until next review. . .
Spell ya later!
8/4/2004 c9 30Silverfire Starr
Nice chapter! really well structured.I love it! Especially the cave part, and the warning on the entrance!
8/2/2004 c9 Alaurei
Woo hoo! Another chapter! (runs around happily squeezing Adorell to death) I'm so excited. I'm glad you back slapped those stupid Fiction Press Staff, they had no right to do that to your story! That bothers me big time. I'll be careful about that when I write the third Dragon Warz. ^^
Anyway, I see that the chapter was fairly long. You're catching up with Daiger's lengths. _ Me however, I am not. I still need to finish the second part of chapter one that I started in my most recent story, Spirited Mind. I think the chatper is up here, but fictionpress ruined the format that I had and the HTML as well. It's being so stupid! Oh well.
I liked this chapter, it was so cute! And I found no errors what so ever, great work! That dang cat, it's so cute but hey, all cute things have their flaws. Aw, oh well. At least the cave caved in (haha, 'caved' in, corney joke. ^^) and we're stuck in the dim light in somehwere we have no idea. Wonderful huh? This shall be joyous! And I totally understand what you mean when you say you've got a lot going on. Doesn't everyone?
The site is a major thing, and it's a hard thing to do I must say. Even being a mod it's hard to keep up, I totally understand. ~_^ So take your time and enjoy life as well! And a new game, oo, fun. Oh, and a real job? Awesome! I love jobs. (well, I can't really work but, apprenticemanship is fun. {long word eh?])
Well, I better go to bed and check up on the site. Last time I checked it, was 10:58 PM on my clock, and no one is ever on later than 10:30 my time. Heh. Funny. Well, good luck with the next chapter and your new game. And have fun at work! Where are you working? Hmm. I'm curious now.
-Nickel City
"To infinity, and beyond!"
8/2/2004 c9 Arrow Windwhistler
Cornered and in a cave. Ouch. I hope no one's claustrophobic...
Good chap. Nice length...don't see any errors gramatically or anything...anyway, update soon! ^^
7/23/2004 c1 Silverfire Starr
I can't believe those admin people! They deleted it all!
Well, this looks good, except some things seemed to be missing (quotation marks and stuff).
7/22/2004 c1 38Fate Thirteen
Meep, Belle! MEan admin people!
Err, formatting seems a bit squiffy in this version, but good to see you bouncing back! Will be here. Lurking. etc.
7/22/2004 c1 Arrow Windwhistler
Well, certainly an improvement, but unfortunately FP.net was pretty hungry and ate all your quotation marks, as well as some other things, like the double "ss" at "mistress" at the bottom. Other than that it was great.

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