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for Beatles for Sale or Lease

8/8/2012 c1 2Princess Rose-Paul
HAHAHAHA. Hahahaha. Ha. Okay, this is SOO hilarious! I really love the song references, too XD Please write moooooorreee!
8/3/2008 c1 33Sit In Solemn Silence
YAY BEATLES! There should have been more george, george is amazing! I didn't know paul played the harmonica. Sweet something i didn't know!

Ringo doesn't need to talk, he just needs to drum. Like if they would have cut off his finger in help! that would have been tragic.

This was an incredibly hilarious story, I love it!
11/1/2007 c1 Loser
1/25/2007 c1 4IzzyW
Wow that was great ^.^ I love The Beatles and needed a good laugh so thanks alot!

I Swear that story was brillant. :P
5/12/2005 c1 31neubauje
Hm, this story is... interesting. Yes. I too am a Beatles fan, so perhaps I'm only reviewing this in hopes you'll read mine... Anyway, for suggestions- I'm just wondering what year this is in. If it's even before they went to Hamburg, they would be John, Paul, George, Pete, and Stu. No Ringo yet. And they wouldn't know quite a lot of the songs you mentioned. It's just unclear. Funny, though. And just a tad weird.
7/25/2004 c1 31Ramona Loretta
I'm making your day. Hey this was fun to read...and to imagine them doing so. Oh I love my little four boys! Who's your fav beatle? Ringo, I spose? In your review you mentioned Bob Dylan...do you like and listen to him? ahh hes the best. N e ways, Here's your review and I'm off to read your other piece.
7/22/2004 c1 59ethebookworm
Excellent! Beatles are fab, man!

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