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4/13/2009 c1 The Musician's Quill
Ah! I can't find your new account! =( *Pwease!* message me when it's up/the link!
11/27/2008 c1 19Nothing In Blood
OMG. I keep looking for your screenname and I Cant find it! i need your stories, they fuel my plot bunnies! message or email me as soon as you get the screenname up!
6/10/2005 c1 5Asakawa Yuki
We understand... I don't mind, but I will if you stop writing your awesome fiction! So... Bye bye this acount, hello Justanothergirl08! ^_^
5/23/2005 c17 Kagami
Wonderful! Update soon, please!
5/22/2005 c8 Kagami
I'm loving this so far! ^^ I wish my school was so accepting of homosexual relationships... *hunts around for a significant other* *fails to find one* *shrugs sadly* Guess I'll just have to keep reading your story and fantasizing.
4/13/2005 c5 6Quietly Losing Control
*Sniff* I almost cried.
3/8/2005 c17 5Asakawa Yuki
I wanna know where Justin's taking them also... *pout* Oh, I SO love your story! It gives me a warm feeling to see how much the boys love each other. I've been down lately, but thanks to this story I'm starting to feel much better! I hope you update soon! Much love- Mirai ^_^
1/10/2005 c17 10afk
gay bars rock! *_* can't wait for next chap!
12/23/2004 c17 41Stefen
That was so cute! Update!
12/21/2004 c17 2RetrogradeHeadspin
WOW. That was... Amazing. Beautiful. Fuckin' mackin'. In other words... WOW.
12/20/2004 c17 1kears
please don't tell me that what I think is going to happen is what's going to happen? pretty please? I think that they're going to run into that *hole that did that to Kale while they're out. pretty please don't make it happen? unless, of course, the dude gets the crap knocked out of him...write more write more write more
12/20/2004 c17 TiGeR-BaBe1989
LOVED IT! kinda said though.. got my eyes to tear up.. but no tears fell.. to bad.. lol.. i cried already once today reading a stroy i dont really think i need to cry again.. lol.. well loved it.. cant wait for more. later!
12/20/2004 c17 6seductivedevil
Very cute and sweet! I love Caleb and Kale's relationship, I hope mine will turn out the same way! If you have time plz review my stories! Update soonseductivedevil
12/20/2004 c17 19Nothing In Blood
gay bars can be fun, but then again my angst filed mind sayes that somthing might happen at this bar. hopefully im just being my teenaged paniod self.

and there isnt much that you can do for a rape, just be there for the person.

awesome chapter, keep up the good work. (btw, ill have the new chapter up soon in terrys and sams story. as well as the frist sideshot)
12/19/2004 c16 11Demon-Slayer5
^_^ lovely yet sad *cries* poor thing i wish i could get laid at 14lol well i hope you update soon ttyl ^_^ Slayer
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