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8/7/2004 c3 124Broken Waiting Angel
Ah hA! i'm back from FL! ^_^ This is good WOOT! ...I NEED to catch up on so much friggin email! 88 emails!
7/25/2004 c3 Erica
dude this is so hawt...and dameon sounds uber sexy :) but yea i cant wait for the rest!
7/24/2004 c1 Janelle
whoa thats very creative nice job!
7/22/2004 c1 fadedblackheart
LOVE IT! for a first story you've done yet mare, its really good, ps dont listen to cats bs bout 10 paragraphs
- -;; she hasnt a clue lmao if she reads this ill die or be murdered. anyway i like it so far! good luck babes!
7/21/2004 c2 2danilion
interesting... so she is a vampire then? It reminds me a little of "Underworld", only a little more humourous. ;)
like the bat wings though. =P
7/21/2004 c2 124Broken Waiting Angel
woot awesome girl! now you need to get to at least TEN chapters on this! bwuaha! and if you need any help with it just ask...like you've done with the first two...lol.

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