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for The Crawford Series Drabbles

10/2/2005 c1 Gleno
Fantastic. Well done. Only one thing. Do you think the word for female dog should have been used in a K+ rating?
2/16/2005 c1 93Nienyalie
Hm. Well done and original. It must be hard to compress it into only 100 words. And I like the range of family life you show for each child. Well done.
8/23/2004 c1 64chicanerysmile
Hey. This is a great accompaniment to the Crawford series. It helps a lot with remebering who all the kids are, and getting them straight in your mind. I like how you describe all the kids without, like, just listing their personality traits etc. Lol, I can really relate to Rebecca and I can't wait to see how India turns out when she's older. Brilliant writing, B.
8/6/2004 c1 Type
AWE! Em, who come they're all different names? Oh well. I love them all!
7/22/2004 c1 250loulavellena
these drabbles ~are~ good
7/22/2004 c1 David Stephen
Really good! These drabbles were fantastic! Keep up the good work ...
Love LLT David x
7/22/2004 c1 9Celeste Se'oir
Hmm, a lot of messed up kids. Sounds like me! :), anywho,that was interesting, I hope you add another to this series thingie!

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