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10/26/2004 c1 183Jo Madden
Very good. It shows your awesome potential. Keep it up.
Hobbit of Doom.
8/4/2004 c1 25Arutha
Oh man! That's the second piece that's given me goosebumps when I read the last couple of lines. That's... well for lack of a more all-encorporating term, that's badass. I loved it. IT'S A FAVORITE! Keep it up.
7/23/2004 c1 70Alex-Blake
Good, but you need to edit this. Its o long-winded, this poem needs to be shorted otherwise you'll not get the point through. You might feel that you or this person you are writing about has too many feeling about this person and it needs to be long to express all those emotions.
But shorter poems often have more powerful lines and stronger effect.

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