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for When in Rome, Entertain as the Romans Do

2/28/2007 c1 shayy
This piece is okay, but hardly good enough to brag. Don't have such a big head, I've seen so much better pieces on here.
11/7/2006 c1 25V de V
Aww, that is so sad. I am listening to the Gladiator sound track now, and this piece is simply beautiful in that kind of context. Very nice. I love gladiators though they are very vilent men.
9/12/2006 c1 1L L Moore
I think I would have squealed if not for the fact that I'm in class at the moment. Gladiators do that to me. Argh. Very good!
8/10/2004 c1 2Mina Skywalker
Oh! This is good! I loved the movie Gladiator, and this story sort of reminds me of it! I really enjoyed this historical fiction piece! If you arn't too busy plz read and review my work entitled The Violin! I'd appreciate it VERY much! Once more- great story and keep up the awesome writing!

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