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3/12/2013 c1 heal me forever
so wat happened ? ,,,...
7/25/2012 c1 twibbit
awww : nice story (;
10/18/2009 c1 Aloh
This is absolutely great stuff. I really felt it. Love it!
11/14/2008 c1 10nul
This is brilliant.

A lot of times I skim through the story.

But this one I had..no, wanted to read every word.

It was one of those that I kinda wished would never end.

I loved it.

-insert great big smiley face-

Martin the Waterskier
9/27/2008 c1 2Keona Raynalise
That was amazing... one of the awesomest short stories ive ever read...
12/7/2007 c1 x3life
aww i really liked it! and the title of the one-shot and how it started and such. it was really good. =)
7/28/2007 c1 xxxNitz
I really liked this story. It was bittersweet and I'm a total sucker for these kinds of stories. They make a person realize that you should never hold back because otherwise you'll only be left with regret and a million what ifs. Keep up the great work! x
7/20/2007 c1 12Kellet
I think this story is really sweet and romantic. It's one of those memorable stories that make you want to smile, not knowing what it's for but just to smile anyway. I applaud you; clap-clap-clap-clap. It's all in there, everything needed in a good romance that, to me, has absolutely no traces of cliche. Loved it.

7/15/2007 c1 8jane speaks
Wow. I can actually identify with this character. Wanting something you can't have is almost or even worse than knowing you could have had it, but didn't go for it.
6/26/2006 c1 2SinCorazon
Happened to me three times, you know. First time I was like in 3rd or 4th grade, and I had the hugest crush on this guy who was one grade above me. But it was just supericial, I never got to know him. But BAM, I'm in highschool, and he's in my French class! Yeah, who knew I would see him again because he left the school, in like, 6th grade. But by then, I had another crush.

Second time(and I'm still crushing on this kid) when I was a freshman, and the kid I still like was a junior, a hot junior. Oh my God, I regret not ever talking to him. We always made contact, and I used to go out of my way to see him in the halls. Like goodness gracious, I used to take the longer way, and I used to sometimes, when time called for it, walk very fast to catch a glimpse of him. He graduated already, and I'm gonna be a junior. Still think about him, it's pretty sad. Because like the main character of this one-shot, I know I could have had something with this kid. I could have gotten his number, I still kick myself over it too.

I could totally relate, so this is why I like this piece. Nice job.
5/15/2006 c1 4moonlight.dream
Incredible story! It was filled with so much angst. I actually liked the way you wrote the story-the girl writing down how she felt/feels for the guy and the guy never hearing it in the end. I really enjoyed this one shot!
3/23/2006 c1 6Sheets
It was great! Gosh, I hate the ending though. I wanted.. .Well, I'm not sure what I wanted out of this, but I wanted some sort of closure that they'll get together.
3/9/2006 c1 Amaya
Oh.My.God.I think I love you. Hah. Just kidding. But on a serious note, I think this one-shot is absolutely PERFECT. Like, fack. I read the whole thing, egearly waiting to meet the infamous and very realistically formed visual of this Sean dude. Ugh. Then you crushed my hopes of ever reading the end, with that last four, horrible stars. You wound me. Just playing.But I really do believe my soul died a wee bit today, 3-10-06, at exactly 1:33 A.M.. My death date, that is.But this one-shot made me really feel...connected to Lauren. It may seem kinda weird, feeling a bond with a character, in a one-shot story, who's name is only mentioned once, but it only proves how much of a talented author you are.Ah, yes. There's a bunch of irony in here. I like to think that every nice thing in life is all about irony. Irony equals niceness which also equals spite and anger. Cruel Irony.Lauren actually sounds like me when it comes to personal outlooks on guys.I tend to ignore and avoide them at all costs, and secretly stress over them and convince myself that there is no chance of us even being together. So yeah. My lack of confidence annoys the fack out of my friends.Eh, they can deal.So anyway. You're rad. Marry me?No, just kidding. I'm already currently fawning over someone. Gawd. He's amazing... so gorgeous... so polite... so un-stupid-jackass-y...Okay, I'll stop. Bye now!
10/1/2005 c1 g
it's wonderful! so sad really. sigh.. so then never got together i conclude? what an angst story! wonderful still ^^
9/17/2005 c1 14Grape
Wow! That is just amazing! I loved it! Your writing is wonderful, and the way you did it made it seem so realistic! Great job!
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