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8/20/2005 c1 38Perfect Bliss
OH MY GOD! This sounds like a part of mylife... well just a part. There was this guy who was two years older than me. We were in the same school and I looked at him and liked him- for his appearence. But then time passed and I became obsessed... I also remembered the fist time I saw him the first time he smiled at me... I created stories about us in my head and I idealize him. But hell I never got to know him, I just exchange around 10 words in my four years of seeing him. Pathetic I know... but thing is I fell hard for him, as you said it wasn't love but it could have been. He graduated last year... and I thought "hell time does pass fast" because it seems like yesterday when I was watching him through my classroom window, but now he is gone and I wonder what could had been if I had a little more courage... So I love this, it expresses most of what I felt. I like it a lot. God job
8/12/2005 c1 6Lainiee
Wow I really loved the emotion in this, and despite what other reviewers have said (notice they were under as anonymous, it's really sort of pathetic, really) this was really raw,realistic, and I can really tell that it was based on something real.As for the style, it was perfect for this, and made it even more realistic as that it appeared the character was just wondering and plotting this out in her own head.

I really like how it also feels like a secret live journal entry, written with pure emotion and regret, not bothering to sugurcoat anything and just saying it like it is.

In short, I loved it.
6/28/2005 c1 souless moon's shadow
I liked this story. It's more real life than other romances.
5/29/2005 c1 9Katyll
contrary to what 'ayan' wrote, i don't think this was a piece of garbage. In a way it's more real to me than the stories out there where everything comes out perfect and like expected. That she did those little things was what caught me, skipping class to just look at a boy was soo...it was a connection for me, i can see her doing that since i've done it myself. I just wanted to say that i liked it...
3/19/2005 c1 10CXXI
That was an amazing story. You can actually feel the person regretting so many things. You can feel her frustration and pain...and she doesn't seem fake as some other characters (in other stories) can come off as. I loved it!
3/13/2005 c1 Ayan
He screwed her and left...how romantic. *note my clever use of SARCASM. Truth be told it was plotless, and there was minimal character development. The "love" the girl felt for Sean was superficial and so it is impossible to sympathize with them at the end. I'm sorry to say that the story is nothing but a piece of badly-written, contrived, psuedo-angst, GARBAGE
2/21/2005 c1 17kristy23
That was amazing. So different, so oringial (I thought, anyway) and just so refreshingly good. Realistic (at some points I wondered if you were that nagging little voice inside my head lol) and just wonderful. I really liked it - good job :)
1/21/2005 c1 1Airirea
Waahh... it is really good. At some points, it is rather sad - especially - to me anyway, when she broke up with Andrew, at some others she seems really pathetic. But, I think most of us.. do have this kind of things - whatever you call them, now and then..
12/12/2004 c1 28Brooke Monroe
that was really good. i liked the formating, and the subject. i think it is so close to things that happen to everyone, that anyone could relate to at least one part. ok.Brooke Monroe
9/17/2004 c1 31Catherine Abellanosa
hi! nice one u got ther!
hope u'd get to read some of my works too!
have a nice day!
8/19/2004 c1 17flashofnothing
Loved it, different I'll agree but stil very good. I even got something out of it too so thank you, I'm not going to miss my opportunity...
Great writing too
8/17/2004 c1 Adele Rising
Brilliant. It's not really a story per say, more of a discussion. Like a conversation with the reader. I liked it alot, the style is intriguing.
Second note - good writing is defined by the reader, so my definition of good writing is most undoubtable different than Cerise's. And - to each, his own.
8/10/2004 c1 5quiksilva brumby
Wow, i really loved this! I'm a fan of one-shots, and this one was great. I especially loved the line: "No, forget it, you two didn't look cute at all." Hehe, that was cool. neway, great work, keep it up!
Keep writing
luv ~brumby~ xx
8/4/2004 c1 Guest
This is one of those pieces that makes me say 'I know exactly how you feel.' Good job!
8/4/2004 c1 Cerise
There doesn't seem to be any point to this story. Good writing isn't putting down every single thought- even when you start repeating yourself. I know that you categorized this under 'romance/angst', but try to cut down on the emotion. Too 'ranty'. Save that for a diary.
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