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for Under Pressure

8/11/2004 c2 4orli'slover
This is really aweosme i love your storys they all have something almost captivating about them. Please hurry and write your next chapter i will be patenitly waiting. LOL I wish
7/26/2004 c2 1Glossy Girl
Great chapter! Wow, he finally came back! I'm a bit confused though. Wasn't she so longing to see him then when he comes she's like 'I need time to think about this.' Oh well, that's life, lol! Awesome writing! Update soon! ^_^
7/25/2004 c1 Glossy Girl
Great story! I was really feeling it! You have very good writing skills. Continue. You've got me hooked :) I'll add you to my author alert list since I always lose these good stories :-P
7/24/2004 c1 59wilderness
that was fantastic! you are such a talented writer! and that story kept me interested the whole time! i cant wait to find out what happens! please update really soon! this is incredible!

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