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9/2/2011 c1 anonymous
This is so CUTE! But you know, if real goddesses were like this, then it would be easier for people to connect with them, and it would also help the homosexuals of our world to find acceptance amoungst our people. It would also help with overpopulation since two men cannot have children.
5/13/2007 c1 Dio-Mio
I lol'd. ^_^

Their names were creative, and I enjoyed the way they were presented.

I would have liked to have heard about the place they worked more. A divine office building would be an interesting place ot read about.

I thought it was cool considering I read this after seeing the summary to your other work and seeing it metioned made me go, hey, that was written by this person!

Keep practicing!

- =^_^= p)) MEOW
11/28/2006 c1 6Starlite Nightfall
OMG this is so funny and pleasing...^_^...I LOVE IT! I wish we had Goddesses like that!...it'd be so COOL! [insert hysterical laughter] O_X A tout a l'heur! ~~
4/30/2006 c1 PsychoShadow-chan
HELLO! I'm Shadow ^_^

Funny sotry! This ish like me and Emma! I wanna be a yaoi goddess!
2/10/2006 c1 4visodyssey
Classic! I haven't yet read the story this is related to but I do indeed think this is excellent comedy writing. So yaoi is divinely inspired, eh? ;) Plus including yourself and your muse was an interesting and clever idea: a well executed cameo appearance there. *smiles* Fine holiday fun. *two thumbs up*
8/29/2005 c1 1shimmer115
This was weird but cute and funny.
2/20/2005 c1 chibichocobo
Hey, I'm sorry that I haven't reviewed in a while, but my e-mail's not working. For some reason, it's eating up all the e-mail I recieve, and it won't even let me send any. I tried sending you an e-mail, but it only got ate up by hotmail. I'm not sure if this is hotmail's handiwork or not, but my computer is getting unnecessary viruses on it. So, that's the reason for me not responding. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I couldn't think of any other way to send this message. Oh, by the way, I read this story again, and I loved it just as much ^_^ I'll try to e-mail you again when my e-mail is working...

Signed, your fangirlchibichocobo
9/6/2004 c1 G-unit
hey i like your stories a lot and heather is right, this is a really great story. i think that your stories can be blockbusters! it would be really cool to see them on the big screen! i think that you're a good writer and i hope that you write more! peace up a town!
8/26/2004 c1 37negligible fictional force
this is so cute!
i love the two goddesses
and their little conversation.
you're a great writer.
*i will take up yaoi
one day when i'm
a) past thirteen and
b) visited by pomia or nelixa
your dialogue design is great.
now i shall go check out
your other story.
it must be great.
keep it up!
8/23/2004 c1 Kakyou Takashiro
well, after rolling around on the floor laughing for a couple of minutes, i have regained control over my aching head and whirling stomach to give a review... here it is:
first off, i'm not one for shounen-ai... or yaoi for that matter... heh... be glad, i'm a guy. however, i don't mind reading any of it, if it's done well.
although it disturbs me, this story is one of the most humorous and comic pieces i've ever read.
it is imaginitive, inspirational (in a sense), and if anything kinda of crazy.
however, does lack a lot of things to make it great.
for one, it... um.. has no story... you've created the setting, the world (or worlds) and the characters... but it was just a scene. there was no climax... and if there was... none was apparent, there was inciting incident nor was there anything in account for the parts of the story.
secondly though, and i don't mean to be harsh, (^^ i'll explain later) is the various grammatical errors. now to say the least of anything, i understand that you're still learning english, so some errors of excusable, however, i would like to warn you that you are using.. half the time script format and another dialogue... which can really hinder the way the story appeals to the audience, and just a not it's ex: ["bleh," she said] (no periods needed ^^ heh.)
okay enough of the critiques... i'm don't like being the bad guy.
the prose that you have here is a redeeming quality, that's no doubt. beautiful, smooth, and elegant. it enraptures the reader and carries them through the story easily.
now, what does this all mean.
well, beyond the breviety and the lack of the story (which is one factor in it's humor) this is well written.
this story shows great potentional in the author... untapped, and plenty that can amaze. not only potentional, but i think if you continue like this, (another story or what not) you will be well decorated here. fp is in need of more humorous writers with the talent of having a good prose.
so. no worries. and my compliments, for having rolling around the floor laughing my guts out. ^^
and lastly, please without adieu... ensue to inspire some more. ^^
8/21/2004 c1 1Terryll Preston
That was very cool, but oh so short. Way too brief! Not nearly long enough! A couple of feet short of a mile! Oh, did I mention that it wasn't long enough? Anyways, all ranting aside, it was good and well-written. I like the humor and how each of the Goddesses were portrayed. Now I must devote time to your other story and heap upon you reviews of ultimate goodness. Of course, this means that Chibi's story 'Dreamscapes' will have to wait for a bit, but I'm sure she won't mind!
See you next review!
7/25/2004 c1 Sparlight
Is it really the end? *Sniffles* Heh, I would've loved to see this idea developed some more. Pomia and Nelixa must be the envy of all yaoi fans. Endless doujinshi and fics at their disposal! And getting to go out and reform reluctant heterosexuals...goodness. In a way, it does make for a light one-shot. Great job! Fun stuff!
7/25/2004 c1 Ephemeral Seraphim
YAY! You made another story! This is so awesome! And I'm still going to encourage you for your writing. I love the references to Reliox and Kipali, and yes, they're very HOT! *drools and dies* Pomia and Nelixa seem so funny! They're the kind of people that I'd like to hang out with ;) This was a wonderful, humerous piece, and I liked it. Are you going to make this a one-shot, or are you going to add more? Thank you for writing this as a gift! It is a very wonderful gift, and I'm going to write a yaoi fic with Juneau and Andante with your name on it. It might take a long time, but I'm trying to make it as perfect as possible for you ;) I love the yaoi goddesses! I wanna be one when I grow up! If you're planning on making this a oneshot, that's okay, because it stands by itself pretty well, but you should be thinking of writing some more. I can't get enough of your writing! This story was wonderfully hilarious, especially with how Heaven was set up. No, I don't think any real goddesses would strike you down with lightening. If anything, they will strike you with a horde of muses to get you to write more yaoi goodness (yay, yaoi!) Nelixa was sorta a mean for sending the Numas, but then, if that hadn't happened, Reliox and Kipali wouldn't have been together. So in a way, it's all good. I love Reliox and Kipali, and now Pomia and Nelixa are my other favorites! Yay, happy gay couples! Is Pomia going to make our world convert to yaoi *swoons over the thought* If you do, that would be pretty cool. Can't wait to see where you're going with your other ideas. Keep up the great work! Hasta luego!
7/25/2004 c1 3Pineapple Chiffon Cake
So short? :: sniffles :: I like the goddess idea though... they sound kinda like me XD The flats and offices thing was hilarious ^_^ Feel free to review my story any time you want, it's currently wandering around cyberspace in solitude o_O. Good job!

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