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7/27/2004 c2 JdAshleyG
This is a good story. I like the whole idea...please update. PS: Where in India are you from? I'm indian also. Malayalee.
7/27/2004 c2 1Mgncreader
Hey great story I can't wait to read the next chapter and i agree that everything bad has to happen first before the good can begin! Loveit! Read ya later!
7/27/2004 c3 Ryann
This is really good. I like the concept of the story, because I can easily relate to it. And I think others can too. I like it, and I'd enjoy reading another chapter. Good job!
7/25/2004 c1 Katie
Good English. I think you should definitely continue it. Sure, a little cliche, but it's interesting. Keep it up!
7/25/2004 c1 26Hunny622XoXo
hey, i like it so far...everything's fine about the school thing so far, i've never seen people be that mean, but i'm sure it could happen. great story...i hope there's some romance between raveena and her one guy friend. update soon.
7/25/2004 c1 5Ivory-Dragon14
Continue please! I want to see what happens. Please?
7/25/2004 c1 Diane
I REALLY LIKE THIS! I Can't wait to see the revenge! I'm from America..and I think it's good.. It sounds about right! So that's cool! Yup! Can't wait for the next part! I'll submit something with more critiques later!
7/25/2004 c1 1whispergrl
Good job! to respond to your request, yah, you got schools here just fine. The carmichael guy is so sweet! Keep it up! PLease? but don't kill her parents? Maybe move them cuz they need better climate after being traumatized.
7/25/2004 c1 4Angelic Winter
I love it so far! Update soon!
7/25/2004 c1 9Cthulhu
Good, I think you should continue.
7/25/2004 c1 Crazy-Word-Painter
Unfortunetly you got the bullying part just right. It was good! I like that guy, Ethan, he sounds really sweet. Only suggestion I have (other than write more! Lol!) is cut out the end bit about her parents dying. The poor girl has it bad enought. It made me sad... :(
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