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5/29/2009 c4 12VTDark
i love the story but can you fix the format of the story? It's a big paragraph and it's kind of hard to read. haha. Sorry, i feel like such a demanding child XD
5/23/2009 c26 1Angel-Leigh Jones

its a great story. I found the chapters really short but that could be because i'm use to very long chapters.

You seem to have a problem with a few chapters bunching together as in no spacing etc.starts at chapter 4 and comes

right at chapter 10. Maybe you could fix that then it would make it easier to read because i was about to close

the window when i came across it but then thought i would give it ago. So you could be turning potential reviewers

away with it like that.

great story i really enjoyed it

2/21/2009 c25 BeanBagChair11
this was a wonderful story. your plot was really good. :)

like you said, Raven kinda was a Mary-Sue. no one was mad at her, she had friends who accepted her being Raveena. those were the only ones I didn't really like. the way you wrote the "popular" people's reactions were always hilarious, though! ;) you should work on other character's being a little bit more emotional, but other than that great story! (:
12/22/2008 c26 DLETE THIS OLD
great story :D i had fun reading it, since you are a pretty good author :) when you finish your other stories, i'll try and read them


p.s. you know russian?
12/21/2008 c2 Enkaygee
i don't know why im writing this - i don't even know if you'll ever see it. i just wanted to say that i remember being like raveena - for 5 and a half years i was teased, only mildly though, you know the kind, were you're ignored and left out? anyway, i could and did deal with that, but i was... sad for the longest time. then i moved and i thought it would be a great time to change, to make great new friends and never have to be teased again. it didn't work out. sure i made friends, but they weren't real (not in the they didn't exist way but more the fake way :) ). they were the 'it girls', and their ringleader had a saying that she liked to use - the old "i'm not you're friend anymore" gig. after another one and a half years of mild teasing she left for intermediate (yes, thats how young i was) leaving a red head i had supposedly befriended in charge. things sort of... well sucked for the next two years. hell at school, and on top of that, hell at home.

i just was so alone. i had absolutely no friends. i mean, the abuse, whether at school or at home with my stepmother and lethargic father, was never physical, but it doesn't have to be to hurt you. and i couldn't get out. i was so scared as a kid. i would stay up late, and i still do out of habit, just so that i didn't have to wake up.

i remember one time, this girl named hayley, who was in the year below me, fat as, with braces, and had every god damn reason to be teased (but wasn't), just came up to me, yelling, and then randomly kicked me, for absolutely no reason. i was having a bad day, so at that point i just got incredibly pissed off. i turned around and stormed into my classroom and i told my teacher what had happened. it was the first and only time i did that. so, like all teachers are obliged to do, he called hayley in and asked her what happened. she started crying and said that she didn't mean it and that it was an accident and...

i watched her say this and then i turned to see my teachers face. it was at that point that i realised that (in italics) he believed her. i couldn't fcuking believe it. i felt sick. so i went along with her, agreed that it had been a misunderstanding and i left.

the thing was all the teachers knew about me being bullied. for gods sake they had had (italics again) meetings about me. and he still was too chickenshit to do anything about it.

anyway, the last day of intermediate my sister and i moved in with my mother to start high school (for me at least, my sister is two years ahead of me). again i was determined to make lots of friends etc. i did, but, i must admit, i'm very socially awkward, so i didn't know how to behave. so i got the reputation of crazy girl. hell i didn't mind, better than what i was, the shy introverted book worm (i'm still a book worm though, as well as a *gasp* librarian (and the best goddamn librarian you ever met)).

i'm so happy here. i'm (almost) normal here, and my group are the acceptable nutcases in a very very large high school. i haven't been bullied since except for being called "granny" by the popular girls and dickhead guys on occasion, which is a fricken stupid name which i got for getting glasses half way through my first year there, and which is just damn ridiculus since a) im a year younger than most of them, and b) three other people in my class had glasses, along with the numerous people with contacts, so ef em.

anyway. the important thing is that i got out. i never thought that i would but i did, and i'm finally happy for the first time in a long while. so, is this a message to all you kindred souls out there, or is it just a longwinded rant from a girl that appears to be incredibly up herself? probably both, but whatever.

fricken ridiculus for me to put this as a review though, but hey, its two in the morning, what did you expect?
12/10/2008 c26 Ale Babyy
L.O.V.E it!

Hehe. I started today and finished today. One of my fav's actually.


Oh gosh, Ethan is so dreamy.

A lot of drama though.

Gosh, i would love to see where Raven knees Timothy in the nuts.

This is definetly movie material.

11/30/2008 c5 4mito lou
Eep, I can't read it anymore, sorry! It's all in one chunk and I can't concentrate on each sentence. You really should fix that :( From what I read this seemed like an awesome story, though! Just needs some formatting.
11/23/2008 c8 Segg
What happened? This is impossible to read now. Maybe you should take some time to paragraph your work.
8/31/2008 c4 Lian Bynum
You should break this chapter up. It's too blocky and hard to read...very confusing.

But I am liking the story so far!
8/15/2008 c2 1claireponcherrii
6/14/2008 c2 indianshine
hey i like ur story though i do hope u don't make raven snobby and popular

i'm indian too, though i live in america, and it must be hard not to get the system wrong cause its soo different but ur doing a GREAT job

keep writing
4/21/2008 c21 1PeterMoore
i luv it!
3/11/2008 c1 1Alexa'sAppleTree
Oh man, I can't wait to read the rest! This story is going to be awesome i just know it =]
9/27/2007 c1 DiddlingFiddles
Adding it to fave stories to read later. =]
9/18/2007 c26 outsidersgirl
a amazing story
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