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10/1/2011 c10 9Francheska Anazette
I got to say that I usually don't read stories like this. It really hit home to me too. Especially when you wrote about Jake's brother trying to kill himself because I had tried that too last year. De'Angelo was the person I had wanted to be when I was suicidal. I just wanted to break away from everything because it hurt too much to think about it. So I guess I just want to say thanks for writing this. It's a beautiful story even though it's got a story rain cloud over it. It really shows that the world isn't always rainbows and butterflies.

4/14/2011 c10 Inky
First of all, pardon my English! It is a third language to me, and I'm still learning :)

I'm so glad to have come across this story. Your writing is very deep and touching and real. I think Angel is the best, really, and I liked Vinny too, because he understood him so well. Jinx I want to give you a bear hug! You are so brave to be writing about something like this, and, trust me, everyone in this world have their own pain but a very few are able to do that. So best wishes to you dear. I hope from all my heart that you find your happily ever after, your own bit of jazz in life ;)

& btw, your writing is WONDERFUL, so don't you dare to give up on it!

12/28/2010 c10 2WrittenSound
Just finished this story - and I'm one of those golden few that actually read the authors notes. I just have to say - wow. This is awe inspiring, and I know how great writing is for venting, so I'm glad I got some enjoyment out of your personal brand of therapy. I love De'Angelo! I'm probably gonna go read Deviant soon just to get some more of him. I feel bad for Jake, but then again it seems like Vincent will be more understanding of De's situation.
12/22/2010 c8 WrittenSound
I'll start on this chapter when I finish reading tomorrow xD This is great, although I don't get why De all of a sudden starts speaking in complete sentences in ch 7. It's too much! I wish you would have eased him into talking so much - and I also think the explanation that his throat hurts is a little... lame. Sorry! I loved everything until that point! It's just that he screams and moans and laughs and makes noises so I figured it would have been a mental thing, rather than a physical thing. Anyway, if you wouldn't mind I'd like to draw a one-shot for this story ^_^ It'd be fun. I really love De's character. Jake seems a little boy-next-door but it works nicely with De's oddness so it's okay :]
3/24/2010 c1 TsukuyomiOkami
Honestly, this story is one of the best yaois I have ever read. AMAZING!
3/8/2010 c10 1Jade Reine
I'm sorry.
2/8/2010 c10 CrashAndBurn01

the world is an effed up place no? I really like this story, the philosophical point of view. But, somehow, i'm angered too - i have no idea why. You probably don't want to hear my little issues lol so i won't bother you with them but i'd like to say, that before before you think it's better that no one read this - i think it's better because it doesn't only give you a voice but many others like you. I think i'm angry because I'm so used to stories i can understand - and that i can easily relate to, that this one kind of threw me off balance [i don't even know if u have the same email to receive this review lol] but i kind of get what you mean. I don't even know what i'm saying. bleeh. but the fact that you stated that you're using De'Angelo as a voice, someone to share your pain as well as speak, it is insightful. I guess all authors embed themselves into their writing. Anyway, i realize it's been four years now, hopefully things looked up. Realize you're not alone in this. This isn't to tell you that there are people who have worse problems or God know what, because our tolerance levels are all different [in a logical sense, some of us shouldn't even be hurting, but emotionally - we've only been hurt that much, and that pain is as immense as someone who's been through more] - but i mean it as in you're not alone, [im rambling] i refuse to go and say something cheesy that gives you false hope - most people in life will probably leave you, betray you, hurt you - but i wish you best of luck in seeing and keeping the people that won't, the few that you keep close to your heart - because really, [in my opinion] it's all some of us have. And the world is a diverse place - we're just really messed up people i guess.

Don't fudge up, and take care.

10/26/2009 c10 1Hester Golem
Wow, really well written. Deep, dark and meaningful. I'm glad I got to read it... yeah in the end I was kind of rooting for Vincent and De to end up together =P It is just a little creepy the whole Jake/De romance... but that's just me. Anywho, I hope this story has helped you out. Though, in saying that I sound like the author =P The title belongs to you. Thanks for writing.
9/16/2009 c2 Inu-Patchouli
Wow, Jake's got a potty mouth and a dirty mind in this chapter XD

I'm really enjoying this story so far, though. It's really good and original. I can't wait to find out what happens next.
9/15/2009 c1 Inu-Patchouli
I've only read the first chapter and I feel like I'm already hooked! This story really starts off nicely. I also really like how you discribe your characters. I can practically see them in my head.
3/27/2009 c10 artmagus
although reading something like this isn't my thing i enjoyed as much as anyone can knowing it 's similar to a true story. Being through kind of similar situation i can relate to De and i understand your reason for creating Vinny, who doesn't want someone that understand him completely ! i know it's year's later but i hope you found someone ...
1/24/2009 c10 xSadistxFujix
I loved this. I seriously did. I'm crying right now. I really am. That was so sad. I understand why you're ending and normally I'd feel a little sad that its ending but in this case I feel as if it is right.
11/1/2008 c10 3writingpossibilities
Not wanting to sound like anyone else but we all got our devils, yeah? Some of us got more dreadful ones than the others.

We're all screwed up anyway, so does it matter?

Darlin', you deserve a hug. (HUG)

Thanks for the awesome story, I got a glimpse of something remotely like hell.

Now, gotta keep those damned prejudiced people to shut the fuck up and my life will be just dainty.

"Don't afraid to be yourself. The people who care don't matter, the people who matter don't care."

Hope you got someone to make you smile when your days are down, yeah?

Best of lucks and kudos to the little "De'Angelo Massina" in all of us.
9/21/2008 c8 3Lyra Emilia
I wonder if I'm the only one who caught that comment about a 'redheaded brat named Destin'? lol

Are you referring to the Destin in Finding Heaven?

I wonder... Either way, back to reading! Kyaah!

5/27/2008 c1 1EuphoriaAddict
Nice story. Good plot. Moderate grammer. Please update. I'm an author myself and i wouldn't mind your honest opinion. If you're not busy of sourse.

-Emauel J. Levictus
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