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8/7/2007 c23 6NotMixedEqually
I hope you're planning on continuing, though it seems you haven't updated since '05. This is an awesome story and you're a very talented writer! I really want to know what happens between Troy and Lyss and what happens when she wakes up. Please continue and update soon?
7/19/2007 c23 7daretobe-dIfFeRnT
and here i thought i was reading a completed story. well damn. and you haven't updated since 05? which probably means you don't ever plan on finishing this. well that sucks. it was good while it lasted!
7/15/2007 c23 8duckliy543
wow this is so good.

please dont abandon this storryy

its so amazing.

its one of my favoritess.

kep up the great work.
7/11/2007 c22 7zeekie1
what happened to the ending!
7/10/2007 c1 SweetAsCandy92
Is that the ending? I'm confused, so are you going to continue the story or was that the official ending?

Please continue! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! I'm loving the story.
7/9/2007 c23 2Demi Dear
Is this story officially dead? Because it's so good! :( Please continue it! I want to know what happens when she wakes up!

PLEASE continue it! This story is written so well, I love it!
7/6/2007 c23 6A.K.A. Writer's Block
this is just a wild guess, but... is this story dead?
7/5/2007 c22 4Daphne.Claire
i absolutely love ur story pleese pleese pleese tell me u'll update, cuz honestly i love the story its so wonderfull and the characters, gosh please update again.

awesome job.
7/2/2007 c23 16Midge-The-Hopeless-Romantic
loving the story so far,

please tell me you will continue it soon?

6/29/2007 c1 Cherry.SKoW
Congratulations! The lovely couple (Troy and Alyssa) have been nominated for Best Het. at the SKoW Awards!


SKoW Judge
6/29/2007 c2 3substitute angel
Hm...Nicole had a quick change of heart? I'm guessing this tall, dark, and handsome guy is Troy. My bet's on him anyway. I guess I'll see.
6/29/2007 c1 substitute angel
This is interesting. I'm headed to read the rest of this, but I have to say that the trio are an interesting pair. I liked the title of the story. That and your summary caught my attention. You've done a great job with this and your descriptions were great.
6/28/2007 c1 9biggerthanthis
Wow! I like it but it's been a while since you updated..:(

Please update soon! :)
6/20/2007 c23 Evenstar1389
Oh wow i really loved every minute of this original story.. there's never a dull moment and i get the feeling that Troy has liked her those 2? years, which makes a nice change from changing girlfriends all the time when his heart is with the girl. I'm glad the story hasnt ended *hyper* I want more interaction between them (not that there isnt enough, i just cant get enough of it)

I'm an 18year old Singaporean too, and currently feeling very legal XD Gambatte for ur exams
6/4/2007 c21 OoPas
Oh this is awesome :) More chapters! Sorry that this question may be over-asked and all, but how many more chapters are you planning? I feel that I've gone way too long without some Troy/Lyss interaction. God I've missed those two. I haven't realized how long I've gone without reading their story. I'm just happy that I decided to reread this one again :)

Good luck on your rewrite and additional chapters. I do hope you won't change any of the previous ones, however. They were good :) And don't worry, your characterization was still wonderful. Thanks for the wonderfully new and refreshing chapter!
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