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for Hidden Identity: Rags to Royalty

11/19/2004 c7 stop here
Oh no! Damon and Yasmine can't be enemies! (ugh, really, i dun care)
11/19/2004 c6 stop here
wow, they have suspicions that yasmine is the princess... i wonder what is going to happen!oh yeah, don't forget to put up chinese princess again!
11/19/2004 c5 stop here
ok this name is getting annoying... anyway, ill try to be lyk im a new reviewer, reviewing evry chapter as i go...haha yasmine didn't give her the pendant! yay!
11/19/2004 c4 stop here
this takes so much longer to do, but at least fp wont be so angry at moi.
11/19/2004 c3 stop here
yep, yep, from now on im stop here unless i find something shorter but still acceptible
11/19/2004 c2 stop here
hehe, maybe stop here is good...
11/19/2004 c1 unsufferable annoyance
ugh, this name is way too long, bringing u on ur way to 300! thinking of new name
11/16/2004 c9 el
well, if you read the poem aloud, it sounds better, and wouldn't u noe, the threatening bit is the most well written part of the poem! nte: i got lazy and decided to not find good syllabled words to fit, just rhyming ones coz im too borred, but hope u dun mind, but anyway, thats kinda directed at haidee: dun she dare get near my 300 and 400, coz she'll NEVER get it. Theress NO chance, and anyway, ive worked so hard for it i deserve it more than her, after all, she's not reviewed every single chapter of every single story/ poem uv ever writeetn, u needed to even write individual replies to her saying for her to review, so she duzn't deserve it!
aslso i saved chinese princess.
11/16/2004 c8 el
well, it seems that milestones are now a regular occurance! well, youo must have many reviewers! ;);) (*wink wink*)
anyway, as a traditional thing, heres a poem, honestly, im running out of ideas. but anyway, whatever its gonna turn out like, here it is (be warned it might have ppl hu try to take mi 300 slandering) correction, make it most likely it will.
Well here it is, quick again,
This is to take away your pain.
Of not reaching 300 yet,
Well now your dream will now be set.
This is, the last milestone,
before you get your ice cream cone.
Which is symbolic if you don't know,
for 300, and your happiness that will show.
Of course, theres much more to that,
300 means much more than stats.
In which it is your milestone,
Hopefully, of which you will not groan.
Yes, im not dumb, i know now,
You hate copy reviews, like poo of a cow.
Yes, so well, ill make it the long way,
But my 300 it will stay.
No longer shall anyone get it,
Dare go near and ill chcuk a fit.
You know, all those, who set their goals,
Beware or you'll be swimming with fish shoals.
I know your out there, so be scared,
You must fight better than you've ever faired.
Coz i will get you, if u try,
To get 300 you'd rather die.
Honestly, that is my place,
Unrightfully you wil not chase.
Step one foot near, ive warned u now,
Stay away you cheap fat cow.
I worked so hard, don't u dare near,
What is mine, so crystal clear.
You try at all, Lonie will delete,
Or else ill take away her computer seat.
Anyway, on better things,
There is a bel sounding ding dong dings.
This is for you, your celebration,
Drink alot or suffer dehydration.
Well anyway, ive made my threats,
So you'll near no more of my frets.
Finstead, make sure you hava great day,
Always great, and happy in evry single way.
Congrats lonie!
well, i neo that this poem is rather threatening and all, just ignore all but the parts happy and the part about takin away ur computer seat... yeh... its just that some ppl think they hav as much right as i do to get 300, but really, they might be able to get it as easily, but they don't have as much right. after all, i did work hard for it. at least 100 reviews for this story are by me (copies too!) so there!
Congrats again, u luv ur reviews, dun u ;)
And a little mention of eva coz we do reviews together :D, specially milestones :D:D:D
11/16/2004 c7 el
just feel sad, when u loose,
well that was something u had to choose.
11/16/2004 c6 el
also, u know, 300 is mine,
if u wanna try, that is fine
11/16/2004 c5 el
theyll feel as happi as you right now,
as im taking the time, not patting some cow.
11/16/2004 c4 el
so what to do when they feel blue,
giv a review and comliments too!
11/16/2004 c3 el
so please be sure ull be so kind,
and give them some if u find.
11/16/2004 c2 el
nearing 50...
you know you show be so glad,
to get the reviews some never had.
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