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for Hidden Identity: Rags to Royalty

10/8/2004 c10 5CrystalDusk
o dude typical corny medieval love story man! u may as well have cornified it to the end. he should chase after her. then it would be totally cliche and i can have a decent laugh at the ramblings of yas and damon.
hey i know! yas can meet some hot guy on the way and fall over him! and he can be some evil person like gwyns nephew or something and he can go write to auntie gwyn about this hot chic he's met riding around in the forest with some big expensive blue glow in the dark jewel and gwyn can be all sus and go after them. THEN damon can become all sus and follow gwyn and then catch yas and hot guy snogging or whatever and become all jealous anc chuck a spaz and it will be fun and games all the way! yeah that's good! =D
10/6/2004 c9 RKRBirdgirl
Very good STORY please UPDATE soon i wantta know what happens!
10/6/2004 c1 el7.erm
erm, well, theres a kinda typo.
paragraph 3 of mi poem, its:
She was honoured, celebrated and smart,
and got the key to the city as she was so smart.
She shook his hand, said "ill vote for you"
But secretly she meant "oh poo you!"
it should be:
She was honoured, celebrated and smart,
and got the key to the city, coz of her art.
She shook his hand, said "ill vote for you"
But secretly she meant "go away, poo you!",
hehe, so the 2nd and 4th lines are a bit better, line 2 was a typo.
GO LONIE! CONGRATS! didn't say it b4, sorri, too engrossed i mi 150 review! YAY! UPDATE, if u didn't get the drift of mi poem! UPDATE!
10/6/2004 c9 el6 Tribute to Lonie
Hi lonie! ur 150! and im proud to be the 150th reviewer!
Well, ive done my part, it is ur turn to update! YAY!
ahem, heres my poem 4 u!
There was a girl called Lonie,
who loved eating heaps of balony!(sp?)
She wrote great stories, happily,
And flounced aroung while writing, crazily.
One day she reached a milestone,
And because of this she was then flown
Across the land, to the PM,
Who was the exact thickness of a flower's stem.
She was honoured, celebrated and smart,
and got the key to the city as she was so smart.
She shook his hand, said "ill vote for you"
But secretly she meant "oh poo you!"
She returned to her quiet home,
To eat her lovely fruit of pome.
Her favourite was apple, and she loved to say,
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"
She read her loyal reviewers reviews,
And cared more about them than the news.
Because of her many, reviews from her fans,
She updated at once, as fast as she can.
She wrote and wrote, and never stopped,
For fear of her fans, getting annoyed and pop
From all her meanness, for not updating,
If that happened, they'd be fast inflating!
So even still, to this day,
Shes tying madly, and quickly away.
She'll never stop, she loves her fans,
Even more than her favourite frying pan.
Well, here's a lil extract to keep you writing, its from Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost or something, and yeah, hope it inspires u! ;) (i did it in yr 6)
Last paragraph- stopping by woods on a snowy evening, by robert frost
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But i have promises to keep,
and miles to go before i sleep,
and miles to go before i sleep.
hehe... we had to memorise it in yr 6, da whole poem, and it came into mi mind, so make sure u learn da moral of that paragraph (hehe, dunno it? I dunno either, just hope that it means that you have 2 update and persevere?)

GO LONIE! 150! Whoo!
10/6/2004 c8 el5
no point in saying it will be bad,
more likely, people will be glad!
10/6/2004 c7 el4
i wonder what will happen now,
it'll surely make people go wow!
10/6/2004 c6 el3
we must celebrate, as this time goes by,
Open your mouth and cheer, but beware of a fly!
10/6/2004 c5 el2
her story is great, as great as can be,
maybe 150 will make her as great as me?
10/6/2004 c4 el1
heyhey! its me! and im gonna make u get 150! how great is that?
well, ull get a couplet for each review, but mayb something bigger for 150?
'tis lonies day to get the best
150 she'll be and she'll beat the rest!
10/5/2004 c9 xiaobudian
och! i realli dun like Damon. U know wat? Y don't u b a good lil girl and update pol!
10/5/2004 c9 5Ivory-Dragon14
she isn't really going to fight Damon, is she? can't she just have Gwenyth killed and marry the prince? it would be much easier...
10/5/2004 c1 RKRBirdgirl
Great story please update SOON!
10/4/2004 c9 18unthinkable
i can't wait till you update!
10/4/2004 c9 1speckled-utopia
Ooh! Knight in shining armour! I love knights in shining armour! If only guys wore armour today... *sigh*
actually...on second thoughts...the armour will probably make most of them more arrogant than they already are...
Well, so exciting!You've depicted her confusion and anger really well!
Keep updating! Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/4/2004 c8 speckled-utopia
Evil Gwenyth! Evil!
just a little comment, gotta keep reading... ^_~
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