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for Hidden Identity: Rags to Royalty

3/18/2005 c3 flame gilled chicken
UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! before you get cooked!
3/18/2005 c2 squashed earthiling
UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! beofore da wurld gets quasehd! good chappie!
3/12/2005 c14 caroline
lol leona... UPDATE... DONT KEEP US ON A SUSPENSY ROLL THINGO... good charlotte rox... be sure 2 mention me! and dat gc rox... UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE
3/12/2005 c11 carra
aiya... do u noe wat is wrong wit ur story.. just as a general comment... it has 2 many ppz fainting and stuff... thatz weird ^^oh and he fainted oh and she fainted... do they all have sum fainting deiese?
3/12/2005 c10 carra
*sniffs and bursts out crying* arghh itz so sad but guud... leona.. u poo y did u hafta make them leave! boohoo :(
3/12/2005 c9 carra
tatz so kute... hey guess hu? LOL i think ur crazy though for riteing such mad stories
3/11/2005 c14 2romanticstoryz
Hi, ya remember me as Storyz? I kept on reading this, and it's getting better and better! It's really sad though, i never had guessed that it was Lela and Trean! It's so terrible, i wonder what Toadyn's reaction if he knew that.. *x* Keep updating! Please!
2/27/2005 c14 2my-side-of-the-story
omg! trean and lela? u've gota be JOKIN! OMG! dat is SUCH A TWIST! OMG!

very interestin chapter intead! i luv it! lol, i wonder how finz r gonna turn out... is damon gonna die? hm... u'd beta make it a happi endin or else...!

da war has started... wow... cant wait to read more! UPDATE!

~LuV jInG~
2/2/2005 c10 40Moosher
The story's plot fascinated me and so i started reading this, and so far I really like it. Keep it up!Happy writing,,...Meme
1/31/2005 c14 hellomoto
please please please please please please please please please please pleas update son!
1/25/2005 c14 17Lady of romance world88
No! It can't be possible. I can't believe Trean and Lela are involving in the war. I hope Princess Yasmin will stop them. How will she going to deal when she meet the Prince Damon? I can't believe Lord Toadyn like Lela. Hold on, Trean and Lela were traitors? I don't get it, why does they live near the Princess Yasmin's home? Hurry update soon. P.S. where is the King Damon?
1/22/2005 c14 5CrystalDusk
jesus girl you manage to make a war soppy... and why on earth would she faint? she's simply goggle in disbelief and possibly scream at them. and will you please stop chucking my name around? i bet half my psycho stalkers come from you throwing my name around...and if you must throw it do spell it with a y. the way you spell it reminds me of meat buns...
1/20/2005 c14 1Lil Bazza
Great chapter, though I have just one query. When you say Lela and Trean were the traitors, I remembered who Lela was (stupid person!) but I have no idea who Trean is. I have just gotten back from a beach holiday and in the middle of summer holidays, so things have a tendancy to go in one ear and out the other and I was wondering if you could tell me the chapter he was introduced, so I can go re-read it!

Poor Yasmine. So innocent. But I supose that if she had been brought up as a Princess, she would have some idea of what to do right now. They are great characters and I can't wait to see what happens next. Surely there was a more peacful way in which they could have gone about it? And I agree with Yasmine, does killing Damon really make up for killing her parents? Toadyn is crazy. Which reminds me, where did you get that name? It's awesome!
1/17/2005 c14 4hokulani
I knew it! But, why would Trean teach Toadyn[interesting choice of name. hehe] to fight if he was a traitor? I still don't like Gwenyth..she has a queer air about her.
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