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for Hidden Identity: Rags to Royalty

9/18/2004 c2 3Desert Illusion
Whoa whoa wait a min. In the first chapter, didn't Yasmin's mother stab Gwenyth when she was signaling to the enemy? I thought she was long dead...
9/18/2004 c7 18unthinkable
i can't wait till you update!
9/18/2004 c7 Emilia
Hey! Love love LOVE the story. Great plot, and the way you made it different from everything else, but with a hint of tradition is really neat. Okay, constructive critisim: watch your punctuation, don't forget commas, stuff like that. Maybe add a bit more thinking inbetween dialouge, and make sure you say if someone was like thrown to the ground. Oh, and you can't really thrust something out of your hand. Watch your adjectives, and I think that's about it. I really do love the story. Try to update AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Please and thank you!
9/18/2004 c7 13Aeariel
wow! very well written. Update soon. Best wishes
9/18/2004 c7 el
u noe i just had a whim that u updated, so i came and checked? i dun have you on author alerts, i thought i did but then somehow it didn't get there and i couldn't b bothered since ud tell me neway. its 10:42 and ur not online, so i had to have a whim and check ;) well, its very good, but a minor spelling mistake... 'He requested their presents immediately.' at the king part when he woz dying... presence is betta than presents... :D
well, veri good!
(oh yeah if u hadn't updated, i would have umm... hmm... wrote you another hurri up review? well, its tru, i wouldve! HURRI UP, coz u need to update AGEN!) Lonie! Be good and let ur luvly reviewing fans get another update... lyk da next day? *Yeah*, evry1 screams!
Well, update.
9/18/2004 c7 3Shaylee
o, the pendant has powers. Interesting, very does she get extra mad as she uncovers more of the deceit get angry at em all and turns against them as she trys to reclaim her inheritance?
fine, just my over imaginitive mind... but you could...
Well I think she should get closer to this guy who knows about her past and make the prince get jealous then she can have her fit and turn on them all
alright alright, no more plot suggestions from me.
Well its really good and I can't wait for more pllease update soon
9/18/2004 c7 2Sea Jade
woah...how good is this chapter? hey, by the way, cen u read 'She Mistook Herself"? yup, and OH MI GOSH YOUR STORY IS SO GUD LEONA!
9/18/2004 c7 wanderer
although u did take a long time to update.. at least i think this chapter was worth it.. it's nice to hear about YASMINE's POV.. and now she knows that she IS the princess.. but trouble sets in as Prince Damon is NOW KING.. how will their love survive these events? hehe.. o well.. til next time i guess.. PLEASE UPDATE SOON and dont leave us all to boredom.. =D
9/18/2004 c7 5CrystalDusk
ad nauseam honey. really what's with that whole ~*im sucha tragic little princess, my mummy died, my one true love dunt know i exist and my dog left me*~ attitude? really she should get a grip. make her hit on leo or something.
9/13/2004 c6 4hokulani
Aww, how cute. They're all playing match-maker. haha. He's falling, and he's falling fast! Ah, so Princess Valerie just put on a little facade, eh? Wow, Grewnyth just spilled everything out to Prince Damon. Yummy chapter~[i can just eat it! haha, jp]
9/13/2004 c6 2R is for Rebel
MROW \./ It's interesting so far. But I like The Power of Love better ^^
9/11/2004 c6 4jemraja
WOP! i like this story! yes update v soon - its in turns cute and serious in the right amounts, and there are all these little funny bits (hehe like in yur other story, Power of Love)
yep so hurry up then! writewritewrite i dont care if yu have assignments or whatnot
9/10/2004 c6 Elizabeth
COOL Story Leona! Mad as! Its like the typical romantic story except it has like a darker side with all that whipping! A princess/prince is suppose to have perfect skin! I shudder to think what it would be like if the scars didnt heal properly! Also...the prince seems a bit wimpy to me and if you want to make him HOT HOT HOT then you gotta spice up his attitude! How dare the King gave him no food and whip his gorgeous skin and all!...girl you gotta give the PRINCE KICK ASS bad character...or at least make him defiant and arrogant. (Arrogant is always good ^_^') Keep it UP!
9/10/2004 c3 el
uhh... in da lst review i sed 'not the daddy stuf...' i meant note the daddy stuff, not 'not', but 'note'
9/10/2004 c2 el again
"Yasmine, you won't believe what's going to happen"
"What, daddy?"
"The prince is coming to our village and nearby to choose workers for the palace"
"What's the big fuss daddy?"
"You don't understand Yasmine, this could be your chance to explore. You have never left this village. It's time for you to experience the outside"
"I'm just a girl, I'm sure the prince would pick capable young men for labour"
"He also needs young women like you to be maids"
"Oh..." and that was the last we talked about the prince's arrival.
y does yasmine in da first chap speak lyk a lil baby toddler when she's 18? not da daddy stuf...
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