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for Hidden Identity: Rags to Royalty

8/20/2004 c5 10ibjuicen
This is quite a story...hehe
Um, question, I don't think words or peronalities like sexy, or um...somewhere along those lines was even thought of at that time. I'm not flaming, but just a mere question... ^_^
Keep writing, I want to read more!
8/20/2004 c5 5CrystalDusk
i can't believe you made her good! now whos gonna be the evil one huh? we all know a story with only one evil person is not a good story! i know! make the prince evil! yeah! in league with gwyn! =D
8/19/2004 c4 4hokulani
Prince Damon is seriously quick in choosing if Yasmine is a peasant or a noble. Who whipped Yasmine? Princess Valerie just jumps at any good looking guy, aye? Leo seems cool...
"Before he fainted, he told me with his last bit of energy to give him a shower, change his clothes and cut his hair and beard."
That line is soo funny! At least he likes to take care of himself. haha
8/19/2004 c3 hokulani
Uh oh. Princess Valerie isn't going to be too nice, huh? Grewnyth is evil and she should go to hell! [excuse my sudden outburst] Fabulous chapter!
8/19/2004 c2 hokulani
How adorable. He's falling for her without even knowing it. Eww, his father is planning his wedding? Wow, I can't believe that his father was that cruel to him after Damon came back[from 'running away']I guess the war thing was too much for him to handle.
8/19/2004 c1 hokulani
Very nice! Great introduction; this is going to be fun. haha
8/12/2004 c4 1Jean Velie
I am so captivated by this story. UPDATE SOON! *Please* :p
8/10/2004 c4 4jemraja
wah! so many reviews fer the power of love... wow i had no idea yu were such a writer! =P im going to save the Power of Love fer later, when i can read at mai leisure *wink*
ah smart prince.. hez figuring out that shez not really a peasant... shez A PRINCESS ALREADY! COME ON!
LOL his brotherz called LEO! oh... *hinthint* ok i dunno wut im hinting :S
ahh valeriez so evil... whipmarks on her hands *shudder* thatz disturbing.. well at least they both have something in common then... i guess they can bond over their whipmarks...
8/10/2004 c3 jemraja
OLO! shez going in...with the evil evil valerie... what horrors r in store fer her? lets read on!
8/10/2004 c2 jemraja
aahh... the princez father is a control freak! nice turn of typical princess's-father-is-a-control-freek cliche (hehe yes i hate cliches... unless yu write em good of course =P)
hahaha yu realise my major story is Sso lyk this chapter... GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! WO!
the prince is smart... he realises that shez Not all she seems...*nods*
8/10/2004 c1 jemraja
hi leona!
classic princess story *woop woop* i like the dummy idea... and the sapphire pendant ^^ ahh so the romance starts early... yep yep continue (hehe pointless saying that coz i see three more chapterz)
ok some bits r kinda cliched, but it works with the romance thing... the ideas different! the princess falls out royalty n is chucked out to the poor people, who humbly prepare her fer royal love with the enemy prince :O! the scandal of it all... thatz what makes me happy ^^
8/10/2004 c4 el

ur wondering wot im on bout rite? "yes, u say" (haha, im sure)
well, my last review was the 50th! yes, 50th, review of dis story! i might not hav got 100, but i sure did get 50! well, i meant to continue it, but ill continue it here now:
-Reviw Part 3-
¡Hola Leona!
¡Éste es yo en mi revisión española! ¿No es grande? ¡Eva apenas AMA español, así que apenas TUVE QUE hacer uno! ¡Esta pieza de la revisión se dedica a Eva Zhang, de la clase 8K, en el año 2004! Bien, encendido a su historia... ¡Es la mejor historia absoluta de esta clase que he leído! ¡Usted debe continuar escribiendo, los capítulos largos y las actualizaciones rápidas! Sé que su mucho pedir un escritor tan talentoso conceited para escribir a tanto como sea posible en las mejores palabras para el mejor diagrama, pero usted podría llamar esta clase... de un estímulo. Soy seguro usted entenderá que mis opiniones que he expresado y yo son seguro que usted convendrá con él. Adiós,
(to all these spanish readers of Leona'sstory, if you have time you might like to translate it for her ;).. broken spanish i know...
-Review Part 4-
Caro amico anziano Leona,
siete stati un produttore notevole di questa storia! Non avrebbero creduto che fosse scritta da chiunque altrimenti, poichè il magnificence puro della qualità è solo breathtaking. Dovete essere il la maggior parte talkented il produttore in questo mondo intero, come DOVETE sapere già ormai. Suggerisco, tuttavia, che continuate a scrivere nello stesso stile, con alcune più punte nella vostra mente. Questi sono: - i capitoli più lunghi - rapidamente aggiornando - mentre ancora effettuano la qualità del vostro lavoro I speri questo non è troppo da chiedere a da così produttore di talento. Regolate!
(hey all u reviewers, guess wot language... ur probly thinking ive got a talent in languages... haha, sure!)
-Review Part 5-
Ao escritor, (Leona)
suas habilidades como um escritor foram assim distante despercebidas. Entretanto, eu sou inclined pôr seu nome para a frente a um publisher deixo-os ver o que o talent escondido você tem, esse você não tem como mostrado ainda ao mundo. Eu acredito porque um escritor você ganhará milhões dos dólares, e porque você é novo, você não conseguiu seu pico em sua escrita ainda. Porque a qualidade de seu trabalho é assim boa, eu acredito aquele para não ter conseguido sua prima, contudo com assim que o trabalho da qualidade boa, seu trabalho em sua prima será proeminente. Eu espero que você me permita a! Entretanto, se eu estiver indo pôr para a frente seu nome a um publisher, eu necessitarei uns capítulos mais longos (como caberá em um livro se os capítulos forem assim pequenos?), e mais amostras de sua escrita (update do IE muito rapidamente). Por favor, entretanto, mantenha a qualidade de seu trabalho. Consideração,
seu revisor fiel.
(haha! wot bout this language?).
-Review Part 6-
Gutenabend, da es der Abend ist, als ich dieses schreibe, ist liebes
Z. Leona,
Ihre Geschichte von einer aussergewöhnlichen Qualität. Bilden Sie es bitte mögen das andere, mit schnell aktualisierten Kapiteln und langen Kapiteln. Wenn ich sage, bilden Sie es mögen das andere, nicht den Plot oder das storyline, aber die Zeitmenge, die Ihre Kapitel in einer Woche aktualisiert werden. Ich hoffe, daß Ihr Internet-Anschluß oben wieder ist, damit ich lasse Sie dann diesen Bericht sehen kann. Es ist eine Ehre zum Kennen solch eines großen Verfassers, Sie ist bald unter den klassischen Verfassern in unserer Welt, hinter und im Geschenk. Sie sollten Qualitätskapitel aktualisieren, die bis zum Standard anderer Kapitel nur sein müssen, weil das Gehen irgendwie höher ein hartes zu erzielendes Meisterstück ist, da Sie bereits an solch einem hohem Meisterstück sind.
Sie haben gut getan.
Herzlichst spezieller Rezensent A.
(haha, this language isn't too hard to figure out...)
-Review Part 8-
Dear Leona (ahh, what would we do without english...)
You havehad the best responses i could muster at this time to your reviews. I do hope you'll have reviewers faithful enough to translate your message if they can into english, if they are fluent in the languages. It won't be hard to find any, you have so many reviewers. IO believe that, as i will emphasise for the 50th time, i believe you should make longer chapters and update quickly!
Congratulations once again for your spectacular milestone.
A reviewer,

P.S. Just making it longer ;) Congrats~!
8/10/2004 c4 2my-side-of-the-story
hey leo, 'ts jing~:) i recon u should hav a bit more tension to da stori, and so far, nofin's happening... sori, im very negative...:) anywayz...did Fares come to da palace?
besides all dat, 'ts all veri good:)
keep up da good wrk! GET UPDATING!~
8/9/2004 c4 el
-Review Part 1-
dear oh wonderful writer by the name of leona z,
you should be touched by our reviews, (eva and mine). we are ur oh faithfu reviewers from ye old century of 19th (19th Century) Ye old reviewers so faithful in ye reviewing, thou shalt be grateful. (me not trying 2 be bossy, just trying to convince u 2 b grateful... haha, grateful ;) how do u spell it?)
Thou is a good writer, keep writing long and interesting chapters. Thou will be suppoted by thyne reviewers.
-Review Part 2-
Bonjour mademoiselle Leona!
Ca va?
(you'll neva guess wot im writing here now unless u get a translator ;))
Chère Mlle Leona, votre histoire est la meilleure dans sa classe. Je ne connais pas exactement quelle classe c'est dedans, mais la classe qu'il est est dedans exquise, faisant à ceci la meilleure histoire d'une classe exquise. C'est très bon pour une jeune dame comme vous. Je crois que vous devriez apprécier ce que vous écrivez et que vous devriez écrire de plus longs chapitres et que vous devriez les mettre à jour bientôt. N'est pas qu'une bonne idée, tous ces critiques fidèles à vous (ils sont d'accord avec moi!) Je crois qu'il est trop bonne cesser cette histoire d'écrire, crache hors du chapitre par le chapitre, beaucoup par jour, maintenant sa qualité néanmoins. Vous êtes un auteur de qualité, et ce ne devrait pas être dur. Désolé si elle est!
Au revior, El
-Review part 3-
8/8/2004 c4 el
wow, im so touched by your reply to the best review ever!
"Elena: thanx for all the reviews. Keep it up" - quote from the last chappie of ur story!
I woz so touched from that
"You know elena, one day you will die a painful death, and im gonna be the murderer." Quote from leona...
Leona said this in the last period of DT on the 9th of August, 2004! If i die a painful death, then you know who to prosecute! Give all the money you fine to eva, don't give any to leona! Fine her 50 billion bucks!
NB: (it means note well in latin, learnt last year) Leona then went on and on bout cutting ears off then stuffing flaming stuff up my nostrils. Dear police, i would like a restraining order!
No, Leo should not fall for Yasmine, Leona, But maybe if it is interesting you should, but enxt time doint tell me.
The VA is due on Friday...
Yes, u have maths homework...
(she's supposed to be under the influence fo shirley... funny, eh?)
She now needs to check her dictionary! Thats jus tgreat! the dictionary! Her vocabulary better
Retard: To cause to move or proceed slowly... she just checked that up ppl, isn't she just weid
Dun ask wot else she searched...
Maybe ill make reviews call teh secret life of leona...
Ill take down all the notes of her daily life, and write it down in teh review, k?
It'll be the best, and when i have enough, ill make a story, a true story in my account! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
stop deleting what i write leona before i write heaps more!
if u delete it, ill go home and write one 10 times as long as this one! You'll never know what im doing!

Ur tired now, u jsut sed
u just deleted it all, ur so stuffed!
GUESS WOT'lL happen now?
sorry all reviewers! (who dun like this stuff, just tell me in ur next review to leona! ;))
tell her to be good and write long chappies and update quickly!
i was just told i was retarded for teh 10th time!
Well, i dun think ill keep reviewing nemore, i want to see my art!
Bye loenaz,
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