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8/8/2004 c2 budian
Va is due 2day. I mean this week.
what artists are u gonna use?
I have no idea how 2 describe it.
Oh yes, and i'm using paint.
YUmmy paint!
K, i'm just goung a bit crazy
but watevea!
8/8/2004 c1 eva
hi agian! U know fp is v. slow in showing the number of review!
Very Outraged
Anway, pleasse read Firebird.
I thik I've told u that, but anyway
I hope this story gets 2 100 eveiws v. fast.
I'll faithfully reveiw everytime
Tho I think ellie is like the most faithful revewiwer in thwe world.
I mean srz!
GHow long and how many reveiws does she give u?
No I don't have as much patyience as her.
Please keep wrting.
Hopefully all these xtra reveiws will amke u write faster.
Hope we're a source of inspiration 2 u.
Now be a good girl and write more.
Considering the numbeer of reviews u get from ellie, U really should!
And also she doesn't even cheat, unlike me!
She faithfully writes, and write and write and writes and write, and writes and writes.
No0w I'm ellie!
U should really be grateful that I write such long reviews and heaps of them as well!
Anyway,bak 2 eva
Gracias for wrting all these stories that we take much enjoyment in.
If onli fp would actually display these reveiws rite after we rite thenm!
I mean srz!
Its still ion 109!
It should b on at least 112 by now!
Outraged expression.
Anway, rite now I'm reading off ur fav stories.
I reackon!
Quote from Leona " Stop it! It will annoy reviewrs! "
Note to all reviewers.
Thuis won't annoy u guys will it?
If I am, I'm really sorry,
but I have 2 review cos' Leona is such a great, migfhty writer.
All hail queen leona!
Bow dpwn on ur kneess!
Leona" One day u'll die a painful death~"
Serioulsy Leona!
U should b really grasteful 4 LL THESE REVEIWS!
8/8/2004 c4 budian
u know who I am! I really like this chapter tho I still reackon its abit shoprt. Jeep wrting. G2g. I think Mr yeo's gonna leave son and Mr Shaw won't b occupied 4 long now! BYe Bye.
Luv ur story.
Keep wrting
sorry can't make it long
I dfon't have the patience of Saint Ellie!
Anway, Rwad firebird.
Its really good
Por dios
actually I want 2 make this as long as I can so I'm cheating a bit.
So, Wat's gonna happen?
Gwenyth's bad rite?
I think she's a bit fishy.
She's the betrayer servant rite?
But y is she working 4 the enemy now?
Does Jasmine remenber her/
How come G remembers Yasmine?
Shje's all grown up now tho!
I mean srz!
Anwyay, trying to make this long
Frantically typing.
Thsi is so funny.
Someone in the room taping something.
Dom't know wat...
8/8/2004 c4 el and haidee
hi we r here doing our history, haidee doing maths.
thats kinda sad, but oh well ;)
great chappie, update soon with longer chappies too!
haidees too busy listening to music to reply ;)
great chappie, keep it up~~
~el and haidee
shes too busy listening to music and saying how i did my maths twice!
8/7/2004 c3 el
hi its me again, instead of pressing enter, i pressed submit review...
continue from... here
well, lets assume Gwenyth was 20, or something, coz Gwenyth could hav been an unnoticed worker from Yasmines fcamily, until she woz noticed, and they counted the years from there (soz, trying to make her old, so that then gwenyth can be old frail and dumb) yeh, so if she started at 20, she becomes 40, then plus 18 years is 58! if she started at 22, that would be 60! 5 more years to official retirement age! (haha, in aust only though!) hahahaha
3- You should update really quick
4- Longer chappies! (duh! kind of)
5- Get our brain working!
6- Is Leo older than Damon?
7- Damon sounds lyk an evil name
8- Is it meant to be an evil name?
9- Is that why Yasmines gonna enemies wif him (long summary, in ur bio thing)
10- Are they gonna stay enemies?
11- Do they hate each other?
12- Does Gwenyth noe hu Yasmine is?
13- Does Gwenyth die?
14- At least, does she get injured, or bainshed, or something?
15- Has Gwenyth been 'officially discharged from her duties with Yasmine's family?
16- If not, can yasmine officially discharge her?
17- Can yasmine whip gwenyth if she's not yet officially discharged?
18- Can yasmine order her around?
19- Can she trip over Gwenyth?
20- Can she trip over Valerie?
21- Can she whip Valerie?
22- Can she attack Valerie?
23- Can she physically maim Valerie?
24- Can she pysically maim Gwenyth?
25- Can she poke Gwenyth?
26- Can she poke Valerie?
27- Can she slap Gwenyth?
28- Can she slap Valerie?
29- Can she slap whoever she wants to?
30- Can she slap you? (haha, im sure..)
31- Will Yasmine rule her country again?
32- Will Yasmine attack Damon's country?
33- Will Yasmine's country and Damons be evil to each other or friendly?
34- Will they hate each other?
35- Will Valerie die?
36-Before Valer gets out of the picture, please injure her or something
37- Or squash her
38- Or step on her
39- Or kick her
40- Or punch her
41- Will you reply to this review?
42- Will you answer all of these questions?
43- Will you reply to all of thse questions?
44- Will you reply to everyones questions?
45- Will you update quickly?
46- Will you write longer chappies?
48- Will you write more chappies?
49- Will you make all your reviewers happy?
50- Will you reply to all 50 questions?
PLEASE ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTIONS, unless they reveal too much, but since ur doing individual replies, haha, maybe you could answer it, uless you take time to answer this instead of writing long good chappies that are updated real quick!
Hope this review is long!
8/7/2004 c4 el
eva's writing a long review! YAY!
well, i wasn't testing how long the review could be, but i think it can go on forever and ever! that review before eva's was really short, the toher i did was also not very long. hehee... nah, i haven't reached a limit, i dun thin i can... coz it keeps going on and on... hhaha. my longest review is in da toher story, i think, i have to wrtie one for this one, but im trying to make it ong, so its gonna have sum questions other ppl may have asked, im not copying them, just taking them from my head, and if they r da same as other pplz, sorri. haha, ok i should stop hahaing and heeheeing. well, i have some questions for you... (i noe i can ask u at another time, but den otha ppl won't noe, and then also, i can't make this review long!, hehe, neway...)
1- How old is Yasmine?
2- If Yasmine's old enough to work in the palace, shouldn't Gwenyth b old? Coz if she's been working for wotevr king for 18 years, and Loyal assisntant of yasmine's dad for 20, then shouldn't she be ageing? she prob started work round 15 at the least, plus 20, plus 18... that would be 53... i guess thats not so bad, but she'll be geting old, and evil
8/7/2004 c4 Penny
Oh! This is a really really good story...you must update!
8/7/2004 c4 CheesyBiscuits
soo... wat is the prince gonna do to valerie since she is probly the 1 who had yasmine whipped? and wat about the wedding. i mean its obvious that the witch is more interested in the prince's brother, so do they still have to get married? update soon. this was a good chapter.
8/7/2004 c4 2Little Precious
Hello there, I’ve just finished reading your story, and it’s great!
I feel so sorry for Yasmine’s mother, but I admire her courage and how she held it off until Yasmine was safe in someone else’s arms! Hmm... if Yasmine is the rightful princess, does that mean Prince Damon isn’t really a prince?
Does Gwenyth already suspect something? Does she recognise Yasmine? Oh no! If they bring Fares in, then Gwenyth would definitely recognise her! Bad move *panicking for Yasmine*!
Oh! Does the prince suspect something now? Does he even know the princess is still alive? *Holding my breath in anticipation*
Hehee, Leo doesn’t like Valerie either? LOL! Well, at least I know he’s a decent guy ;)
DID GWENYTH WHIP YASMINE? *shakes fist at Gwenyth* Pick on someone your own size, you disloyal bum!
Do update soon – I can’t wait to find out if it was Gwenyth who whipped Yasmine & how Damon’s going to react to them… =)
Well, until next time then,
Little Precious
PS – please check out my fics if you have time. It’d mean heaps to me...
8/6/2004 c4 5CrystalDusk
she got WHIPPED? ew! gross! i hate whips! so messy! cnt u think of a less messy punishment? wot were u thinking? and are they gonna get together already?
update soon!
8/6/2004 c4 onetwothree123
Whip marks? Oh my goodness! I wonder what happened... Hm
8/6/2004 c4 13jennycraig10
Very good, can't wait to read more!
8/6/2004 c4 xiaobudian
hmm.. gwenyth is bad rite? Keep going. I can't b bothered 2 write as long reviews as Ellie... lol! ^-^
I think she was testing how many words she could write b4 she was forced 2 stop. I don't thinl she's reached the limit yet. Anyway, I'm trying 2 make this review as long as i can...
which prob won't b that long.
K, ur story:
- its interesting but the chapters are a bit ahort.
- also sometinmes u could give us faithful readers a treat... an extra chapter updated at the same day
- don't make poor yasmine receive anymore whippings
- i reckon the prince's father is really strange. He shouldn't beat the prince. What an idoit!
- Leo sounds like a good character. Keep it that wat
- where's the queen?
- Is the enemy Yasmine's country?
- who is the enemy if not?
- It'd never happen is so good!
- u could use ur mp3 more
k, the last few weren't related 2 the story, but just wondering.
Keep up the writing!
8/6/2004 c4 floatingcloud
dunno why i did that
neway, short reiw this time, doing va ;)
good chappie, make them longer and update quicker! both stroies!
8/5/2004 c3 18unthinkable
i love it. it is so cute. update soon!
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