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for Hidden Identity: Rags to Royalty

8/5/2004 c3 Forbidden Icicle
Hi lilo again, i must say, i like tis story better than 'the power of love' because medieval action and romance r my absolute fav. PLZ rite more chaps, im addicted 2 them. Maybe you could include action in this story by having an artchery competition? anyway keep up the good work
Love thy heaps MARZIE
8/4/2004 c3 Witchhunter Aurora
YOu should put Author's Notes telling whose view it comes from Other then that continue*beams*
8/4/2004 c3 CheesyBiscuits
well i can see that this is the begining of a not so beautiful relationship. i can alreasy tell that valerie is gonna b quite th b*tch. since yasmine is now her personal serevent, does that mean that yasmine will get to see more of the prince? update soon.
8/3/2004 c3 xiaobudian
hmm! Really good chapter. Let's hope Gwenyth won't b 2 bad! I'm sorry but i always hate bad characters!
Please update soon!
8/3/2004 c3 el
darn right u'll update sooner!
good chappie, write longer chaps though... how many times do i hav 2 tell u young leona! neway...
god chap, tho could be ages and tons longer ;). hahahaha
neways, do update soon and make it long!
ordering u round is mean... :(
add please after every word above! ill add them below ;)
make please sure please that please u please update please and reply please individual please reviews please for please all please ur please wonderful please fans please lyk please eva please, please please! please! Please!
~break from pleasing: haha. u'll neva noe how please is spelt from now on! *mental scarring!*~
please please update please soon please please please.
update please please for please all please of please us please!
please please!
From please,
me please
P please. S please.: some please pleases please for please u please to please read please to please make please u please think please that please please please is please spelt please wrongly please!
sorry please everyone please else please! :D please
dumb, i know
8/3/2004 c3 3MountainStream
That was great! i cant wait to find ut what happens, will there be conflict between Yasmine and the stone cold princess? Update soon plz
8/3/2004 c3 13jennycraig10
This is a good story and you should update as soon as possible! Very interesting plot and I can't wait to see how it'll turn out.
8/3/2004 c3 5Ivory-Dragon14
I'm a little confused - Is this set in your own world, or in Earth times? Because if it's set in earth times, then the use of words such as 'hot' shouldn't be there, but if it's your own world, then ignore this somment *smile*
8/3/2004 c3 peachess
nice story so far. you think you could develop yasmine's character a little more? for some reason i'm not getting a sense of her. or it could just be me and my lack of food...lol.
8/3/2004 c3 onetwothree123
Wow, it's getting more and more intense! I wonder what's gonna happen next.. Hmm... I just hope Yasmine doesn't get into TOO much trouble! (LoL) Update as soon as you can! =D
8/3/2004 c3 5CrystalDusk
hey leona i just realized wasnt gwen spozed to be dead? what's she doing still alive?
and that poor baby...imagine having to serve her... how could you be so cruel? oh and honey i really am not interested in the mindless ramblings of yas i wana know what damon's thinking! i mean hes the one getting married right? so spill the beans missy.
7/31/2004 c2 CrystalDusk
eww...his daddy's evil. i don't like him. does he die? but i don't like it when they die either. nor do i like it when the bad peeps turn good. humtie tum. maybe if he moves away? gets kicked out of the kingdom? because that's cool. =O HE MARRIED HER? ommagawd! is he and that chick gonna have an affair? just don't let da b torture her! i hate torture. so bloody.
I wanted to choose the ladies myself.[raises eyebrow] and that's all i have to say.
aww...that guys so cute! he has no idea he's gone head over heels for a chick he's seen about twice. hehe i love it when they're clueless.
haha cute story. update! don't fortet ;)
7/31/2004 c1 CrystalDusk
aww...that beginning bit was so sad...evn i was touched. congrats
I turned into a beautiful young woman? boy is she up herself...Staring at my reflection in the water, I knew I did indeed have good looks HAHAHA! yep definitely up herself! finally a story with a girl who's up herself! keep it up chikie!
ola! prince DAMON! hottie's name. well since i'm of the non-straight variety i guess i can't judge but it still sounds hot...if i meen a chick called damon she's so mine^^.
DARGH! she's going to be a MAID? she's going to be HIS MAID? =O how could you do that to her? how could you? HOW COULD YOU?
on 2 da next chpta!
7/29/2004 c2 charlottegurl988
this is so kewl nice story ...thanks ...bye...update and continue
7/29/2004 c2 charlottegurl988
this is so kewl nice story ...thanks ...bye...update and continue
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