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for Hidden Identity: Rags to Royalty

7/29/2004 c2 charlottegurl988
this is so kewl nice story ...thanks ...bye...update and continue
7/28/2004 c2 eva
lol! anyway, i hope u'll update again soon.
Even tho ur title is 'nearly' the same as tessandra's we still luv the story, k?
So don't get all upsaet.
DW. I'm just rambling on.
7/28/2004 c2 el
*Cough Cough!*
Great story!
*choking fit*
ar har... y am i doing that again? to be uncivilized?
Ahem, maybe not.
Great story... :D
El ;)
7/28/2004 c2 CheesyBiscuits
y did yasmine look so confused? this is pretty good so far. update soon.
7/28/2004 c2 onetwothree123
lol, i like this story! i've read "unsuspecting lady" before, and the story's aren't similar, so it's okay, i guess =D update as soon as you can! =D
7/28/2004 c1 ellie
Very good uv got enuf reviews 2 continu, but heres evaz and myn, review no. 3!
Absolutely STUNNING!
7/27/2004 c1 mememe el
My review no 2, ill make sure u get 5 reviews from either eva or me ;)
review no. 2
Veryy good, keep writing
7/27/2004 c1 25crazychick88
intresting so far.. keep writing!
7/27/2004 c1 ellie and eva
why is she in horror?
review no.1
I really like this story. Very good vocabulary. I thnk.
But it sounds v. professional.
Keep writing.
7/27/2004 c1 weird
did you copy a story by a person with the penname of tessandra? She has a story that almost has the same title...
7/27/2004 c1 JdAshleyG
Omg! This is really good!
7/27/2004 c1 sweet hunny
CONTINUE CONTINUE! o..argh! why'd u have to stop there? it was just getting good! please PLEASE continue!
7/27/2004 c1 5Ivory-Dragon14
continue, continue, continue!
7/27/2004 c1 1Jean Velie
Yes! You should continue! It's great so far! I want to see what happens next! Keep up the good work!
7/27/2004 c1 4xTamx
I LOVE IT! lol Its really good so far especially for a first chapter! I'll keep reading it, I wanna know whats gonna happen! Update soon!
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