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for Hidden Identity: Rags to Royalty

1/16/2005 c13 moi
oh yeh btw, u have a knack of making so called evil ppl all nice all of a sudden, don't u? (toadyn, valerie,mena etc.)
1/16/2005 c14 moi
and a humph humph to u for not acnowledging moi. poo. but great chap, u have to update really soo, its da hosl and no excuses... honestly, u can't be douing something ALL day, can u? good chap, update soon
1/15/2005 c14 10depressed-and-bored
Wuh? Huh? When will they see each other again...meaning Yasmine and Damon? They make such a good couple.
1/13/2005 c14 17DarkPegasiKnight
NO! How could they betray Teresia!

Update soon!
1/12/2005 c14 3Desert Illusion
TRAITORS! Oh! That is like the WORST thing that can happen during a war! I just hope that they don't go for it,and sign some sort of treaty or something! And I hope that those two love-birds get each other as well! :D UPDATE SOON! -Maha.
1/12/2005 c14 5Ivory-Dragon14
no! *sobs* why, why are you doing this, you evil person!
1/12/2005 c14 xiaobudian
question, y is ellie the traitor? stupid traitors! i thought lela was good
1/12/2005 c14 5fresianlady
AH NOO DONT STOP THERE! HOW COULD THEY? Do Lela and Trean work for Gwenyth? UPDATE SOON!
1/12/2005 c14 Lost Inside
Holy &%? that friggin crazy! Oh you two goin down! I'll kill ya'll myself!
1/12/2005 c14 2megan ruth
omg omg omg omg you have to update! i really love your story! i think that damon and yasmin should have like a treaty and hey should get married coz of that treaty and yeah live happily ever after but not until that gwenyth chick is killed and not until the traitors are killed either. hope you update soon im really excited about this story! Megan
1/12/2005 c14 Crimson-Angel21
This story has a great story line. Its fun to read, and makes you look forward to the next chapter. Its also not a story that you can forget. Keep it up! ~C.A
1/12/2005 c14 2remmyalamode
I loved this chapter! And i kinda guessed that Lela was the traitor but i didnt guess trean. Humm. cool, please keep wrighting and get to the battle. But really hope that Damon get back with his princess.
1/9/2005 c1 xiaobudian
u know i still can't review 4 sum reason. :( I'm realli hatig that fido guy :(
1/7/2005 c13 5Lost Inside

Lost Inside
1/3/2005 c13 2my-side-of-the-story
ha! u would have been not onli too big but also too heavy for my poor excuse of a suitcase! god! dere IS a 30kg limit to each case! u'r like 130!

aniwyz, a good chapter! i cant wait for da nxt! quite exelent intead!

i'll update my stori as soon as i hav time!

how'z u'r holz been? havin fun? i'm gettin better from more than 2wkz of poisond influenza... caged inside... sad...

aniwyz, i missya heapz!

~LuV jInG~
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