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3/4/2005 c11 eclipsia soulbird
Where are you~?
9/11/2004 c1 3Nightwatchman
It's really good, thanks for your reveiw.
Well done.
9/10/2004 c1 9lostsong
First of all, you said this was like a biography? Did someone really kidnap you or was that just Liam or Anna playing a joke on you? I suppose I'll have to read further... (I don't have time right now, but I will later.)I'm hooked already though!
Two correctional things to point out. First of all: Tense. Through the whole chapter you keep switching it. (I don't know what you call it in the UK) You know, "had" vs. "have. When you describe India and Anna you write in present tense when you should be writing in past tense. ("I am wearing" vs. I wore)
Second, well, this isn't really a correctional issue but whatever! What the heck is a coastal path? Is that a sidewalk? (I'm US so... there's that whole culture gap.)
Hey, since you're a UKian I would like to ask you something. Bush or Kerry? And do you support the "War on Terror"? What do you call it over there. Do you like Tony Blaire? He's your prime minister I think. But I'd like to know the UK version and opinion on it all! thanks. (review one of my other poems to respond... I have lots more poems and I would like your opinion on them. thanks)
Well, sorry for the long review!
9/10/2004 c1 12tangible mandible
Hey, glad you liked my little sister's beautiful prose (I often wonder if she's better than me...) So here's me returning the favor.
Semi-autobiographical, ay? At least you've got a hot guy on your side, and sort of normal parents. Do they know their alter egos are being showcased to the world?
Good story, anyhoo.
9/10/2004 c1 46Teenage Gypsy
Thank you for reading my essay and your story is very sweet. Not my style, but you wrote it well! *hugs*
9/5/2004 c1 7Mistress Soba
lol, I like this a lot. Though, I have to reread it since I had rushed through it at first, but now I want to be able to get everything down. Goodios, keep it up!
*thinks that kid deserved the punch in the face* But omg, pregnant fourteen times O.o
That's quite a sister Chris has...
btw, thanks for the review!
9/5/2004 c11 12Life Love Sanity
that was an interesting chapter... but I WANT LIAM BACK! *whines* but toilet guy sounds cool! *yay* hehehehe butglad you back and ugh... school is a downer that takes up too much time, but I've posted another chapter for weathers of change and the coming chapter is sort of on hold but I've also started a new story which is taking awhile to get going due to school *sigh* oh well it was lovely as always, please post more soon!
~Love it as always,
~Life, Love Sanity
9/3/2004 c11 4Eclipsia Soulbird
*is still grumbling about irritating popups* Anyway, great work on this chapter. Sad that India punched a younger kid, but I think we've all at least thought about it more than once in our lives (we and our being the entire human population). Again, great work. I really like the characters, and I have a sneaking suspicion most are based on real-life people. Great job with the realizism... (however you spell it)... I hope you're taking care, and good luck at school as well.
8/10/2004 c6 2Queen of dawn
So far i'm liking what i'm reading...i shall finish reading the rest later.
8/8/2004 c10 5Eagle Seance
oh no! why does he have to go? *sigh* oh well. i hope you're writing him back into the story soon. i wonder what indy's going to do next...
8/6/2004 c10 4Eclipsia Soulbird
How is George? I hope he's as well as you. *flinches* I know how Liam might feel, leaving behind someone he loves. That's cool Liam joined the army, but at the same time somewhat sad. Makes me all the more eager for chapter 11. Great work on this chapter. Savor summertime, coolest dudette. Hope you're taking care, and have fun on your trip.
8/6/2004 c10 12Life Love Sanity
NO NO NO NO! LIAM CAN'T LEAVE! NO NO NO! BUT it is much better now that they have confessed their undying love for each other ;) lol but it was really sweet and I liked it alot, and you can't go on vacation! I HAVE TO READ STORY! *sobs miserabley* and who will review my story , lol oh well! just come back fast! :D
~Love it as always,
~Life, Love Sanity
8/5/2004 c9 5Eagle Seance
wow, great story! I love how we're made to love or hate the characters (ie. India, Liam, Jack- we like, Otis mostly not- coz he's a bit of a jerk). I wonder when the tragedy's going to come in. Hopefully India and Liam will be okay! Keep writing! (btw, i'd love to have some feedback from you about my story).
8/5/2004 c9 4Eclipsia Soulbird
I like Larry. This was short, but probably my new favorite chapter so far. Jack is DEFINITELY my favorite character. So he's twelve then? How old does that make India? Oh, and my favorite line, "So, how did it go?" ... It's so early here, but it got me cracking up for a moment... I feel so bad for India's dad. At first it didn't seem like he cared that her mom had left, but now I see he's taking it hard... I love Aerosmith though. And thanks for mentioning me at the beginning! By the way, I wasn't trying to be creepy by sketching George! I was going to send the drawing to you via email anyway... I just really like his hair, being so light and bouncy... You're right, I do sound creepy, so I'll stop here for tonight. Thanks for everything. Savor summertime and all that. Great work on this chapter.
(PS. Did I mention congradulations on being best female bassist at your school? Girl power! lol. By the bye, does India play any instruments, or is she in a band? I hope Liam isn't already going to break up with her...)
8/4/2004 c9 12Life Love Sanity
bloody men are so rude, haha I love that! but I don't know if I've told you this but I saw your pics, and Liam (or well your boyfriend) he's a cutie ;) lol but yes this chapter was wonderful, no complaints although I didn't know (or maybe I didn't notice) that Jack was younger, oh well, but I don't like Otis, actually I never did but please continue!
~Love it as always,
~Life, Love Sanity
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