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4/10/2013 c1 3Mary Jane Spunkie
Sigh. I wish I read this when this was still on here. I had an older account on FP and my friends were reading your works back when I was 16, and I'm 20 now lolz. I like your writing. It's not too long and it's an easy, fun read. Not too many showy, unnecessary words. Just pure, necessary fun. LOL. It kept a lot of people hooked. Sigh.
6/19/2012 c28 clichelover
the summary defiantly is interesting I really want to see all the crazy events in this story so I will probably see you at live journal! :)
11/2/2011 c1 7drats
i love the cat's name. :)

and i think I may just have you up on the offer requesting to be a member soon.

Anyways, i like the start. very catchy, only the 'let's start from the beginning' kind of ruins the start a bit.

The stalking is also very entertaining :)
8/21/2011 c1 Pressure On My Heart
I almost cried, i know not normal. Even thou it said removed I still had a look at it. I only read the first chapter, because that was all I coud read, and I was already absored into it wanting to read more. I love reading stories on here but when its removed its sort of upsetting.

Its wrong that people copy this and say its they're own, it isn't fair on te readers nor the authors.

I wish i could read this but I can't :(

Im sure this would've been amzing and capturvating to read but...

If there was anyway I could read this please notify me, i can't use that website u suggested.

I really wish people would stop taking other people's stories, its wrong, mean, upsetting and disgusting.
7/17/2010 c1 1araluth-the-ranger
Aw I'm so disappointed! What a great start! But I totally understand why you've done it, and frankly I don't blame you! Anyway what an interesting start, I want to read more of it! Oh why didn't I discover your work before the plagiarism fiasco!
2/28/2010 c3 aliceinfunderland
Sigh, I loved reading this story so much.

It should come back!

I miss it.


Pretty please?
12/12/2009 c2 abc
10/13/2009 c27 kakimon
i liked the 1st chapter... but then everything else was so small i didn't get it at all. its a great story, but it would have been greater if you just expanded the chapters a liitle...
6/1/2009 c27 grassong
this was an amazing story.


5/30/2009 c4 grassong

hahaha i laughed so hard. hahahahhaha

\this is such a funny story i love the humor:]
5/16/2009 c27 3DarkGoddess3
EW CREEPY! That was all a little different, but it still made for an interesting story.
5/7/2009 c27 2Devilish Kisses
Great Story!
5/6/2009 c1 Devilish Kisses
lol, if I had a hot twenty-year old neighbour, my eyes would be glued to the window too!
5/2/2009 c27 10Sabreal
this story's fucked.

But it was a pretty awesome ride all the same:)

(gee- for a moment there i really thought SED was the baddie *smacks head*)

4/23/2009 c27 2Tamashii Hime
Great fic. Interestingly different.

I know he's a cannibal but I like Chase. I don't know if it will work with Sed... maybe they'll break up in a while, then she can get with Chase!
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