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10/1/2004 c1 18Gemema
This is really good! So far, I really like it, and would love to read more! I hope you update!
Thanks for your reviews too! In answer to your question - yes, a song does play a sorta lead role. I'm not gonna say any more than that at the moment. I'm glad that you're enjoying it so far!
8/11/2004 c1 14dark eye circle
well that was pretty good! it has a nice plot, and also not too cliched. it sounds like a real horror story...if that's what you're planning for it to be then i hope you continue it!
7/28/2004 c1 10LaughingAstarael
Very cool. I'm wondering where this is going.
7/27/2004 c1 Tachyon
Hmm . . . this looks supsiciously like another story.
I hope you continue it.

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